Rail mileages in Britain

At various times when I've really had much better things to do, I've worked on the process of transferring the milepost miles and chains locations of all Britain's rail stations into some sort of machine-readable form.

Thanks to Clive Feather for correcting some inaccuracies and providing a list of Engineer's Line References for the old Eastern Region, and thanks to Paul White for tidying up the file (and correcting a few more inaccuracies).

Of course, what is really needed is a nice little cgi script that will allow the user to enter a pair of stations, and back will come the shortest distance between them and the route that covers that shortest distance. Any volunteers for writing one? :-)


My sources were, in descending order of desirability:

Any stations, or new track alignments, that have appeared since the appropriate dates above may not be accurate. In these cases, I have guessed distances by using the figure from the DEPG if it seems to be a reopened station, by interpolating from the GBPRTT if that is possible, or in some cases (eg. Bridgend-Maesteg) simply using the figures from the GBPRTT, inaccurate though they are. In one or two cases, I have improved these figures by observation while travelling through them, but they are probably still not completely accurate.

I would like my figures to be accurate. If you notice any errors or inaccuracies bigger than a chain or two, please mail me at butler@mscs.dal.ca.