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Welcome to the Swiss Soccer Prediction League home page. Here is your chance to show how much you know about Swiss soccer!

The Competition

The aim of the Prediction League is to predict the score of each game in the Swiss soccer leagues. In Fall 1999, the games are from National League A (Nationalliga A). For each game, you get points according to the quality of your prediction.

To play in the Prediction League, go to the entry form, and click where it says "Click here!". This should give you a mail window; if you include the original text (look in the File menu on Netscape), you can then fill in your predictions (inside the [ ]), and mail them to me. If you have difficulties, copy the form and mail it to me at Don't forget to add your name!

National League A schedule, standings and results.

National League B schedule, standings and results

The Swiss PL Hall of Fame.

Questions and comments can be aimed my way, at

I'll also post the current list of games to be predicted, and the current standings in the competition, on the Swiss-soccer mailing list. You can enter the competition by mailing the filled-out Swiss-soccer posting to me.

The entries for any round have to reach me by kickoff of the first game in that round. The dates of the games can be found on the entry form. You can predict future rounds as soon as you like.

After each round is completed, I'll work out how many points everybody got, and post the competition standings on the Swiss soccer mailing list, as well as on this page. 

How points are scored

The point value of each of your predictions is determined using the list below. Go down the list until you find the situation that describes how your prediction compared with the actual score; that tells you how many points you got. (In other words, it's not "check all that apply"; it's "check the first one that applies".) Here are some examples of actual and predicted scores, and the points they earn, so that you can see how the system works:
     Actual   Predicted    Points
      2-1        2-1          5
      0-0        0-0          5
      1-0        2-1          3
      1-1        2-2          3
      0-1        0-2          3
      2-3        1-3          3
      3-1        1-0          2
      1-1        1-2          1
      4-1        0-1          1
      4-1        0-2          0
      2-2        4-1          0