Clements, John

  PhD -University of Toronto (1969)

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  Office: Chase Room 306
  Tel: (902)494-3381
  Fax: (902)494-5130
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  • Research Interests:

    • Partial Differential Equations

    • Optimal Control Theory and Applications

    • Numerical Analysis and Numerical Simulation

    • Industrial and Biomedical Applications of Differential Equations

  • Selected Recent Publications:

    • John C. Clements, and B. Milan Horacek. Analytic solution of the
      anisotropic bidomain equations for myocardial tissue: The effect of
      adjoining conductive regions. IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., accepted
      for publication (November 2004).

    • John C. Clements, Juuka Nenonen, P.K.J. Li and B. Milan Horacek.
      Activation dynamics in anisotropic cardiac tissue via de-coupling.
      Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 32, No. 7, pp. 984-990, (2004).

    • Lawrence M. Title, MD, Sian E. Iles, MD, Martin J. Gardner, MD,
      Cindy J. Penney, PhD, John C. Clements, PhD, B. Milan Horacek, PhD.,
      Quantitative assessment of myocardial ischemia by electrocardiographic
      and scintigraphic imaging. Journal of Electrocardiology, Vol. 36 Supplement,
      pp. 17-25, (2003).

    • John C. Clements, Clyde J. Clements and B. Milan Horacek. Wave
      propagation dynamics in an anisotropic excitable medium. Dynamics of
      Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series B: Applications \&
      Algorithms, 10: 469-480 (2003).

    • John C. Clements. Optimal simultaneous pairwise conflict resolution
      maneuvers in air traffic management. Journal of Guidance Control and
      Dynamics, Vol. 25, No. 4, 815-818 (2002).

  • Research Group: Applied Mathematics/Human Physiology

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