Flemming, Joanna

  Associate Professor
  PhD - Dalhousie University (2000)

  Mail: Address
  Office: Chase Room 103
  Tel: (902)494-1268
  Fax: (902)494-5130
  Homepage: Dr. Flemming's Homepage

  • Research Interests:

    My research interests focus on making significant improvements to the modeling of dependent data (dependence structure in space and/or time) with particular interest in the development and application of statistical methodology to the ecological, environmental and health sciences.

  • Selected Recent Publications:

    • Calvert, A. M., Mackenzie, S. A., Mills Flemming, J., Taylor, P. D. and Walde, S. J. (2012). Variation in Songbird Migratory Behaviour Offers Clues About Adaptability to Environmental Change, Oecologia, 168(3):849-61.

    • Breed, G.A., Costa, D.P., Jonsen, I.D., Robinson, P.W., Flemming, J.M. (2012). State-space methods for more completely capturing behavioral dynamics from animal tracks. Ecological Modelling 235-236: 49-58.

    • Cantoni, E., Mills Flemming, J., and Welsh, A. (2012). A Hurdle Model for Clustered Count Data with Excess of Zeroes, submitted on July 5.

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