Thompson, Keith

  PhD - University of Liverpool

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  Office: LSC 5673
  Tel: (902)494-3491
  Fax: (902)494-5130
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  • Research Interests:

    • Extremes of nonstationary, non Gaussian processes with application to coastal flooding and climate change
    • Data assimilation using Kalman and Particle Filters with application to forecasting the state of the coastal and deep ocean.
    • Analysis of Lagrangian data
    • State space models
  • Selected Recent Publications:

    • Bernier, N., K. R. Thompson, J. Ou and H. Ritchie, 2005. Mapping the Return Periods of Extreme Sea Levels: Allowing for Short Sea Level Records, Seasonality, and Climate Change. Global and Planetary Change, Responding to reviewers’ comments.

    • Bobanovic, J., K. R. Thompson, S. Desjardins and H. Ritchie, 2005. Forecasting Storm Surges along the East Coast of Canada and Northeastern US: The Storm of 21 Januray, 200 for the 21 January 2000. Atmosphere-Ocean, In Press.

    • Thompson, K. R., D. G. Wright, Y. Lu and E. Demirov, 2005. A Simple Method for Reducing Seasonal Bias and Drift in Eddy Resolving Ocean Models. Ocean Modelling. Responding to Reviewers’ Comments.

    • Thompson, K. R., E. Demirov, D. G. Wright and Y. Lu, 2005. Skewness of Sea-Level variability of the World’s Oceans. Journal of Geophysical Research, In Press.

    • Thompson, K. R. and Shen Yingshuo. 2004. Coastal Flooding and the Bivariate Skew-t. Chapter 5 of Skew-Elliptical Distributions and their Applications: A Trip Beyond Normality. CRC Press, Chapman and Hall.

    • Genton, M. G., Thompson, K. R. 2004. Skew-elliptical time series with application to flooding risk. Time Series Analysis and Applications to Geophysical Systems. Eds, D. R. Brillinger, E. A. Robinson, F. P. Schoenberg (eds), IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications, No. 139, Springer, 169-186.

    • Thompson, K. R., J. Sheng, P. C. Smith, L. Cong. 2003. Prediction Of Surface Currents And Drifter Trajectories On The Inner Scotian Shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 108, No. C9, 3287.

    • Thompson K. R., M. Dowd, Y. Shen and D. Greenberg. 2002. Probabilistic Characterization Of Tidal Mixing In A Coastal Embayment: A Markov Chain Approach. Continental Shelf Research, 22, 1603-1614.

  • Research Group: Environmental Statistics

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