Dowd, Michael

  Assistant Professor
  PhD-Dalhousie University

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  Office: Chase Room 116
  Tel: (902)494-1048
  Fax: (902)494-5130
  Homepage:  Dr. Michael Dowd's Website

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  • Research Interests:

    • Statistical Inverse Problems for Ocean Prediction
    • Stochastic Marine Ecosystem Modelling
    • Data Analysis Methods for Marine Environmental Observations

  • Selected Recent Publications:

    • Dowd, M. 2005. A sequential Monte Carlo approach to marine ecological prediction. Environmetrics. (submitted)

    • Losa, S.N., A. Vezina, D. Wright, Y. Lu, K. Thompson, and M. Dowd. 2005. 3D coupled physical biological modelling of the North Atlantic: relative impacts of physical and biological parameterizations on biogeochemical simulations. Journal of Marine Systems . (submitted)

    • Wong, M.C., Barbeau, M.A., M. Dowd and K. Richard. 2005. Behavioural mechanisms underlying observed functional responses in a marine predator prey system. Journal of Animal Ecology . (submitted)

    • Dowd, M. 2005. A biophysical coastal ecosystem model for assessing environmental effects of marine bivalve aquaculture. Ecological Modelling . 183(2-3):323-346. pdf preprint.

    • Greenberg, D.A., J.A. Shore, F.H. Page, and M. Dowd. 2005. A finite element circulation model for embayments with drying intertidal areas with application to the Quoddy region of the Bay of Fundy. Ocean Modelling 10(1-2):211-231. pdf preprint

  • Research Group: Environmental Statistics



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