Susko, Edward

  PhD - University of Waterloo
  MSc - University of British Columbia
  BA - University of Windsor

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  Office: Chase Room 115
  Tel: (902)494-8865
  Fax: (902)494-5130
  Homepage:  Dr. Edward Susko's Website  

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  • Research Interests:

        My main current research focus is in statistical issues in molecular evolution.
    I also have interests in the analysis of EST and micro-array data, mixture models
    and data mining/machine learning.
  • Selected Recent Publications:

    • Susko, E., Inagaki, Y. and Roger A.J. (2004). On inconsistency of the
      neighbour joining method and least squares estimation when distances are
      incorrectly specified. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 29:1629--1642.

    • Inagaki, Y., Susko, E., Fast, N.M. and Roger, A.J. (2004). Covarion shifts
      cause a long branch attraction artifact that unites microsporidia and
      archaebacteria in EF-1alpha phylogenies. Molecular Biology and Evolution,

    • Susko, E. and Roger, A.J. (2004). Estimating and comparing the rates of
      gene discovery and expressed sequence tag (EST) frequencies in EST surveys.
      Bioinformatics, 20:2279--2287.

    • Susko, E., Field, C., Blouin, C. and Roger, A.J. (2003). Estimation of
      rates-across-sites distributions in phylogenetic substitution models. Systematic
      Biology, 52:594--603.

    • Inagaki, Y., Blouin, C., Susko, E. and Roger A.J. (2003). Assessing functional
      divergence of EF-1alpha and its paralogues in eukaryotes and archaebacteria.
      Nucleic Acids Research, 31:4227--4237.

  • Research Group: Statistical Genetics

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