Revised, Aug. 15/05 


Certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics


OBJECTIVES.  This program is concerned with the development of the core mathematical and computational skills required in science, government and industry.  Areas of application include everything from mathematical modeling to operations research to cryptography to software development.


REQUIREMENTS.  A Faculty of Science Certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics will be awarded to a student who meets the following requirements:


   1. Completion of the 20 credit Major or Honours program in Mathematics or an equivalent program (e.g. a Double Major or combined Honours program in Mathematics and Computer Science, or Mathematics and Statistics, etc.).


   2. Completion of the following mathematics classes

            Calculus:  MATH 1000, MATH 1010, MATH 2001, MATH 2002

            Linear Algebra:  MATH 2030, MATH 2040

            Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Analysis:  MATH/CSCI 2112, MATH 2400


   3. Completion of at least three classes from the following list

            Differential Equations: MATH 3110, MATH 3120, MATH 3260

            Numerical Analysis:  MATH 3170, MATH 3210

            Optimization:     MATH 3300, MATH 3310       


   4. Completion of at least two classes from:

            Differential Equations: MATH 4220, MATH 4230

            Continuous Optimization and Control: MATH 4300, MATH 4310

            Math in Industry: MATH 4400

            Discrete Optimization and Networks: MATH 4320, MATH 4330

            Numerical Analysis: MATH 4270, MATH 4285

            Cryptography: MATH 4116



            MATH 2300

            STAT 2060, STAT 2080


NOTE: The Certificate in Applied and Computational  Mathematics (CACM) is only available to those currently registered at Dalhousie University.


To register your intent to complete the requirements for the Certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics, please contact: Professor Jeannette Janssen (