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Computing Policy (from the Computing Resources Committee, email:

A well equipped UCIS computer lab is located in the basement of the Chase Building (room 007: 494-1230). The lab is equipped with 15 computers and with print facilities. A Dalhousie NetID is required to use the computers in this lab.     


  Other computing facilities in the department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Two sun enterprise servers that host home directories, provide email, web, technical computing and other miscellaneous services.

A mix of sun and x86 servers that provide important services such as tape backup, software license servers, webmail, spam filtering, file and print services etc.
A Linux Compute Cluster.

All of the servers are hosted in an air conditioned room in the basement of chase building.

Graduate students, faculty and researchers have access to a rich set of software - both commercial and opensource - for technical computing purposes. The available commercial software includes Matlab, Maple, Splus, Nag compilers and Nag fortran libraries.

Faculty, graduate students and visitors have personal computers in their offices with windows or linux as available platforms.

All ethernet ports in the Chase building are fast ethernet and there are high bandwidth uplinks connecting the Chase building with the rest of the university.

A number of storage volumes are available through the servers providing over 2 terabytes of usable disk space for extra storage.

Backup servers provide daily tape backup for home directories.

The Chase machine room also hosts a linux compute cluster owned and operated by Genome Atlantic and servers from two non profit organizations - Chebucto Community Net and Halifax Amateur Ham Radio Club.

We also provide technical support services for computing equipment owned by research groups from other departments.






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