Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications



These Proceedings will again be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Here are the contents of the forthcoming volume.

Arnold Adelberg.
"Universal Bernoulli Polynomials and P-adic Congruences"

Octavian Agratini.
"Generalization of Durrmeyer-Type Polynomials"

Arthur Benjamin and Jeremy Rouse.
"Recounting Binomial Fibonacci Identities"

Arthur Benjamin, Jeremy Rouse and Jennifer Quinn.
Fibinomial Identities"

Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson.
"The Fibonacci Diatomic Array Applied to Fibonacci Representations"

Marjorie Bicknell-Johnson.
"On Purple Parrots, Fibonacci Numbers and Color Theory"

Nathan Blecke, Kristin Fleming and George Grossman.
"Finding Fibonacci in a Fractal"

Jens-P Bode and Heiko Harborth.
"Positive Integers (a^2 + b^2)/(ab + 1) are Squares"

Charles Cook.
"Some Sums Related to Sums of Oresme Numbers"

Curtis Cooper and Michael Wiemann.
"Divisibility of an F-L Type Convolution"

Dan Fielder.
"Some Thoughts on Rook Polynomials on Square Chessboards"

Robert Hochberg and Glenn Hurlbert.
"Pythagorean Quadrilaterals"

F. T. Howard.
"General Lacunary Recurrence Formula"

Clark Kimberling.
"Ordering Words and Sets of Words: The Fibonacci Case"

Jack Y. Lee.
"Some Basic Properties of a Fibonacci Line-Sequence"

Aihua Li and Sindhu Unnithan.
"A Type of Sequence Constructed From Fibonacci Numbers"

Florian Luca and Pantelimon Stanica.
"Cullen Numbers in Recurrent Sequences"

Jonathan Mason and Richard Hudson.
"Generalization of Euler's Formula and its Connection to Fibonacci Numbers"

R. L. Ollerton and A. G. Shannon.
"Extended Generalized Binomial Coefficients"

A. G. Shannon and A. F. Horadam.
"Generalized Pell Numbers and Polynomials"

Neville Robbins and M. V. Subbarao.
"Some Parity Results Regarding t-core Partitions"

Lawrence Somer.
"A Further Note on Lucasian Numbers"

John C. Turner.
"Some Applications of Triangle Transformations in Fibonacci Geometry"

John C. Turner.
"Some Constructions and Theorems in Goldpoint Geometry"

William A. Webb.
"Cryptography and Lucas Sequence Discrete Logarithms"

Yongzhi (Peter) Yang.
"Generating Functions of Convolution Matrices"

Chizhong Zhou and F. T. Howard.
"F-L Representation of Division of Polynomials Over a Ring"