The Tenth International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications

List of Speakers



This is a list of confirmed speakers. The deadline for submissions has now passed.

Last update: May 27, 2002.

Arnold Adelberg
"Universal Bernoulli Polynomials and p-adic Congruences"

Octavian Agratini
"A Generalization of Durrmeyer-type Polynomials"

Vassia K. Atanassova, A. G. Shannon and Krassimir T. Atanassov
"On 'Fibonacci Bang' or a new Extension of the Fibonacci Sequence"

Arthur Benjamin
1. "Recounting Binomial Fibonacci Identities"
2. "Fibinomial Identities"

Kenneth S. Berenhaut
"Recurrences with Restricted Coefficients"

Paul Bien
"A Numbered Icosahedron From India: Hidden Approximations"

Nathan Blecke and George Grossman
"Finding Fibonacci in Fractals"

Tom C. Brown, Peter Shiue and Alan Freedman
"Progressions of Squares"

Barbara Brunner
"The Composition of Number"

C. M. Campbell, P. P. Campbell, H. Doostie, E. F. Robertson
"On the Fibonacci Length of Powers of Dihedral Groups"

Jeff Chamberlein, Nate Higgins and Osman Yürekli
"M-Bonacci Numbers and their Finite Sums"

Hei-Chi Chan
"On Random Fibonacci-Type Sequences"

Charles Cook
"Some Sums Related to Sums of Oresme Numbers"

Curtis Cooper
"Divisibility of an F-L Type Convolution"

Karl Dilcher and Kenneth B. Stolarsky
"Resultants of Chebyshev and Related Polynomials"

Eric S. Egge
"Restricted Permutations, Fibonacci Numbers, and k-Generalized Fibonacci Numbers"

Michele Elia
"A Class of Triangles with Minimal Area Related to Fibonacci Numbers"

Daniel C. Fielder
1. "Some Thoughts on Rook Polynomials on Square Chessboards"
2. "Lexicographic Counting of Combinations"

C. T. Flynn
"Precise Approximations"

Heiko Harborth
"Positive Integers (a^2 + b^2)/(ab + 1) are Squares"

Jayden D. Harman
"Application of the Fibonacci Sequence to High Efficiency Design Geometry"

Russell Jay Hendel
"Consequences of Explicit Factorizations of Sums of Fibonacci Numbers".

A. F. Horadam
"Chebyshev and Pell Connections"

Fred Howard
"A General Lacunary Recurrence Formula"

Glenn Hurlbert and Rob Hochberg
"Pythagorean Quadruples"

Naotaka Imada
"Relationships Between Convolutions of Signed Ballot Numbers and Catalan Numbers"

John H. Jaroma
"On the Rank of Apparition of Primes of the Form 2^k p + or - 1"

Marjorie Johnson
1. "The Fibonacci Diatomic Array Applied to Fibonacci Representations"
2. "On Purple Parrots, Fibonacci Numbers, and Color Theory"

Clark Kimberling
"Ordering Words and sets of Numbers: the Fibonacci Case"

Yaroslav Latushkin
1. . "The Algorithm of Solution of Diophantine Equation a(x^2) - b(y^2) = c"
2. "The Representation of Right Subsequences of Recurrent Sequences"
3. "The Representation of Recurrent Sequences"

Jack Lee
"Some Basic Properties of a Tribonacci Line-Sequence"

Aihua Li and Sindhu Unnithan
"A Sequence Constructed From Fibonacci Numbers"

Florian Luca
"Palindromic Fibonacci Numbers"

Jonathan Mason and Richard Hudson
"A Generalization of Euler's Formula and its Connection to Fibonacci Numbers"

R. McIntosh
"On the Search for Wieferich Primes"

Shigeru Nakamura
"THE BOOK Proof that the Golden Number is Irrational"

Joaquim Nogueira
"The Least Period for the Ratio Sequence"

Sam Northshield
"On Certain Sequences Arising From Apollonian Circle Packings"

R. L. Ollerton and A. G. Shannon
"Extended Generalized Binomial Coefficients"

Irina Peterburgsky
"Fibonacci Numbers in Undergraduate Mathematics"

Neville Robbins and M. V. Subbarao
"Some Parity Results Regarding t-core Partitions"

Andrzej Rotkiewicz
"Fibonacci and Frobenius Pseudoprimes"

A. G. Shannon and A. F. Horadam
"Generalized Pell Numbers and Polynomials"

Iekata Shiokawa
"Irrationality and Transcendence Results on Reciprocal Sums of Fibonacci Numbers"

Anthony Sofo
"From the Lambert Series to Abel Polynomials"

Larry Somer
"A Further Note on Lucasian Numbers"

Pantelimon Stanica and Florian Luca
"Cullen Numbers in Second Order Recurrent Sequences"

Paul Stockmeyer
"The Stealth Fractal"

John C. Turner
1. "Some Congruences and Theorems in Goldpoint Geometry"
2. "Some Applications of Triangle Transformations in Fibonacci Geometry"

Gary Walsh
"Squares in Lucas-Lehmer Sequences and Classical Quartic Diophantine Equations"

William A. Webb
"Cryptography and Lucas Sequence Discrete Logarithms"

Yongzhi Yang
"Using Pascal Matrix Decomposition to Develop Row-Generating Functions of Geometric-Progression Arrays"

Chizhong Zhou and F. T. Howard
"F-L Representation of Division of Polynomials Over a Ring"