Bibliography of

Limerick Books

Compiled by

Karl Dilcher


The profs of our great university
Display the most striking diversity:
    Some wise and some foolish,
    Some saintly, some ghoulish,
And some of the utmost perversity.

(Bibby, p. 243)

    Artist: Jerry Kamstra
    (From "Forbidden Limericks", p. 5)
Did I miss any limerick books? Any mistakes in this list?
Corrections and additions would be most welcome.


Adams, H.J.: The Eye of the Day & the Tooth of the Lion.
Celo Valley Books, 1992, 48p. 0-923687-18-1.

Aiken, Conrad: A Seizure of Limericks.
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York-Chicago-San Francisco, 1964.

Alfredson, Hans: Svea Hunds Limerickar.
Wahlstroem & Widstrand, Stockholm 1989. 91-46-13593-6.

Allen, Guy (Ed.?): Limericks.
ANU Classical Society, Canberra, 1996.

Alsop, William K.: Limericks Unlimited.
Vantage Press, New York 1970.

Alsop, William K.: Limber Limericks.
Dorrance & Co., Philadelphia 1971.

Altschul, Donald S.: Legal Limericks.
San Francisco: Survival Series Publ. Co, 1993, 82 p. 1-882278-05-4.

Alvin, Julius: Gross Limericks.
pap., Zebra Books, 1983. 0-8217-1375-2.

Anderson, C.V.J. (ed.): Forbidden Limericks.
Logos Books, San Francisco, n.d., 16pp. [LL]

Anderson, C.V.J. (ed.): Forbidden Limericks Books 2.
co-edited by Jack Stamm, 14 instructive illustrations (sic) by N. A. Shovmatoff, 24 unnumbered pages, 83 limericks. New York: Beatitude Press, 1961.

Aquila, Richard: Rhyme or Reason: A Limerick History of Philosophy.
University Press of America, Washington 1981.

Armstrong, John: There was a Young Lady Named Alice and Other Limericks.
Dell Publ. Co., New York 1963.

Ash, Joel D.: Potpourri for the Mind: A Collection of Poems in the Limerick Style.
Old Pine Books, Weston, CT, 1997. 0-96640470-X [Amazon]

Asimov, Isaac: Asimov's Sherlockian Limericks.
The Mysterious Press, New York 1978. 0-89296-039-6.

Asimov, Isaac: Isaac Asimov's Limericks for Children.
Caedmon, New York 1984. [LOC]

Asimov, Isaac: Isaac Asimov's Treasury of Lecherous Limericks.

Asimov, Isaac: Lecherous Limericks.
Corgi Books, London 1975. 0-552-10553-8.

Asimov, Isaac: More Lecherous Limericks.
Walker, New York, 1976, 95pp.

Asimov, Isaac: Still More Lecherous Limericks.
Walker and Company, New York, 1977. 0-8027-7106-8.

Asimov, Isaac & Ciardi, John: Limericks: Too Gross.
W.W. Norton & Co., New York-London 1978. 0-393-04522-6.

Asimov, Isaac & Ciardi, John: A Grossery of Limericks.
W.W. Norton & Co., New York-London 1981. 0-393-01483-5.


Bagman's Book of Limericks, The.
Excel Books, Paris, n.d. [LL]

Bahadur, K.P.: Crazy Limericks.
Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, 1995. 81-207-1763-5.

Barker, S. Omar: O' S.O.B. Sez, Cowboy Limericks.
Falcon Publishing, Helena, Montana 1998. 1-56044-641-2.

Baring-Gould, William: The Lure of the Limerick.
Panther Books Ltd., 1975. 586-03380-7.

Baring-Gould, William: The Lure of the Limerick.
Wordsworth Editions, London 1989. 1-85326-937-9.

Baring-Gould, W.S. & Donovan, David: Fifty Famous Limericks.
Privately printed, Minneapolis, 1934. [LL]

Baring-Gould, W.S. & Donovan, David: Fifty More Famous Limericks.
Privately printed, Minneapolis, 1935. [LL]

Barron, Kathryn: Critter Crackers. The ABC Book of Limericks.
Landmark Editions, Inc., Kansas City 1995. 0-933849-58-3.

Bawdy Limericks
London: Sphere Books. 0-72211297-1. [Bibliofind]

Baxter, Biddy & Gill, Rosemary (Ed.): The Blue Peter Book of Limericks.
BBC Publications & Pan Books, London & Sydney, 1972. [LD]

The Bawd's Book: Being a Collection of Crass and Curious Limericks and
Linoleum Cuts. San Marino, CA, 1965. {Small edition} [LHH]

Beilenson, Peter: Peter Pauper's Limerick Book.
Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, New York, 1940. [AL]

Beilenson, Nick (Ed.): World's Best Limericks.
Peter Pauper Press, Inc., White Plains, NY 1994. 0-88088-681-1.

Benson, D.R.: Biblical Limericks. Old Testament Stories Re-Versed.
Ballantine Books, New York 1986. 0-345-33033-1.

Bentley, J.H.; Fraser, Malcolm: A Grand Limerick Tour: original limerick verses on New Zealand subjects, some suitable to be read.
Benton Ross, Auckland, 1985. 0-908636-08-3.

Billington, Ray Allen: Limericks Historical and Hysterical.
W.W. Norton & Co., New York-London, 1981. 0-393-01453-3

Bibby, Cyril: The Art of the Limerick.
The Research Publishing Co., London, 1978. 0-7050-005302.

Birch, Robert W.: Improper Limericks: An Original Bawdy Collection.
PEC Publishing, Howard, OH, 1998. 1-57074-357-6.

Bishop, Morris: Spilt Milk.
G.P. Putnam & Sons, New York, 1942. [LD]

Bjerke, Andre: En rockegal snack-kokk fra Jokkmokk: 50 Norske limericks fra tretten radiokonkurranser / i utvalg ved Andre Bjerke.
Oslo: Cappelen, 1974. 79 p., 8-20203104-4.

Bodecker, N.M.: A Person From Britain Whose Head Was the Shape of a Mitten and other Limericks.
Atheneum, New York 1980. 0-689-50152-8.

Bostroem, Annemarie: Um des Kaisers Bart. 99 Kreuzwortraetsel-Limericks.
Eulenspiegel, 1990, 96p., DM 6,20. 3-359-00400-0.

Bowman, Lucy Curtis: Lucid Limericks.
Angel Press, Monterey, CA, 1976. [Bibliofind]

Braun, Guenther: Gereimt ist alles moeglich. Leicht sinnige Limericks & Clerihews mit Illustrationen von Joachim Kupke.
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart 1974. 3-421-01698-4.

Brewer, Jo: The Alphabet Butterfly Coloring Book for Limerick-Loving Lepidopterists.
Capra Press, Waltham, Mass. 1975.

Brewton, John E. & Blackburn, Lorraine A. (Eds.): They've Discovered a Head in the Box for the Bread & Other Laughable Limericks.
144p., (Crowell Jr. Books) HarpC Child Bks., 1978. 0-690-03883-6.

Brewton, Sara & Brewton, John E.: Laughable Limericks. (Illus.)
160p., (Crowell Jr. Books) HarpC Child Bks., 1990. 0-690-04887-4.

Brewton, Sara; Brewton, John; Blackburn, G.M.; Booth, G.: My tang's tungled: and other ridiculous situations.
Crowell, New York, 1973.

Brian, Janseen; Brian, Janeen: There Was a Big Fish: Limericks.
Hc., 1995. [Amazon]

Brock, H.I.: The Little Book of Limericks.
Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York 1947.

Broek, Peter de: Limericks. Verzameld en bekeken door Peter de Broek.
[Laren], Skarabee, [1969]. [LOC]

Buhrows, Todd James: Bird Limericks. Verse about our Fine-Feathered Friends.
Parkminister Publishing, Waterloo, Ont. 1993. 0-9695565-4-3.

Bull, William, Sir: The book of limericks.
London, "Daily express" offices, [1916]. [McGill]

Bungter, Georg and Frorath, Guenter: Limerick teutsch.
R. Piper & Co. Verlag, Muenchen 1969.

Bush, Geoffrey: Seven Limericks, for two part choir and small orchestra.
Novello, London, 1970. 29pp.

Butler, Tony: Best Irish Limericks.
Wolfe Publ. Ltd., London 1974.


Catley, Douglas: A Dabble of Limericks: Original limericks of New Zealand and the world scene.
Cape Catley Ltd., Whatamongo Bay, 1973.

Cerf, Bennett: Out on a Limerick.
Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York 1960.

Cerf, Bennett: Bennett Cerf's Pop-Up Limericks.
Random House [interloc]

Chaplin, Albin: 3024 Dirty Limericks.
Bell Publishing Co., New York 1983. 0-517-413175

Chaplin, Albin: The Dirtiest Little Limerick Book Ever.
Bell Publishing Co., New York 1984. 0-517-433907.

Choda, Kelly: Disgusted, the Drunk: Dirty Limericks. (Illus.)
48p., pap., Filter, 1991. 0-86541-027-5.

Chwast, Seymour: The Flip-Flap Limerickricks: A Push Pin Book.
Random House, New York 1972. "A Push Pin Book". 0-394-82481-4. [LOC]

Ciardi, John: The Hopeful Trout and Other Limericks.
Houghton Mifflin, Boston 1989. 0-395-61616-6.

Close, K.R.: How to Write a Prize-Winning Limerick.
Florida, U. of Miami, 1930. [AL]

Cohen, J.M. (Ed.): Comic & Curious Verse.
Penguin Books Ltd. [LD]

Cohen, J.M. (Ed.): Yet More Comic & Curious Verse.
Penguin Books Ltd. [LD]

Cole, William (Ed.): Case of the giggles. Limerick giggles.
Bodley Head, London 1969. [LOC]

Connell, Charles (Ed.): Versicles and Limericks.
Hutchinson Publ. Group Ltd. [LD]

Corbett, Scott: The limerick trick.
Boston: Little, Brown, 1964. 103pp.

Corbett, Scott & Gusman, Annie: Jokes to read in the dark.
Dutton, New York, 1980.

Cordwell, Stephen: Very Rude Limericks.
Grange Books, London, 1994. 1-85627-504-3.

Cornish, Kenneth: Nonsense Verse.
Knox Printing and Publ. Co., Durban (South Africa), 1948. [LL]

Creative Writing Division 202: Valentine Limerick.
[UBC Special Collections]

Cresson, W.E. et al.: Ye Book of Bubbles, A Contribution to the New York Fair, in Aid of the Sanitary Commission.
Endicott & Co. New York 1864.[Bibliofind]

Crisp, Quentin: All this and Bevin Too.
Nicholson & Watson, London, 1943. [LL]

Crist, Clifford M.: Playboy's Book of Limericks.
Castle Books, Inc., Secausus, N.J. 1972.

Curry, Jennifer & Graham (Ed.): The Beaver Book of Revolting Rhymes.
Hutchinson Publ. Group Ltd. [LD]

Cuijpers, Peter: Er was eens een boer in Timboektoe: de limerick als pleziervers
. Houten: Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1988, 143p. 9-02694384-9.


Dahl, Juergen (Ed.): Limericks und Clerihews.
Langewiesche-Brandt, 144p., DM 16.-

Dahl, Juergen: 99 Limericks.
Langewiesche-Brandt, Ebenhausen 1960. 3. Auflage.

Dahl, Juergen: Limericks, Limericks.
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt 1973. 3-436-00800-1.

Dalton, C.W.: Limericks and Rhymes for Critical Times.

Daly, Verity: Limericks for Profit and Pleasure.
Amnesty International Melbourne and Hudson Publishing, Hawthorn, Victoria, 0-949873-21-7.

David M.: World's Best Dirty Limericks.
Castle, Secaucus, NJ 1982. 0-89009-615-5.

Davies, Randall Robert Henry: A Little More Nonsense.
The Cayme Press, Kensington, 1923. [LL]

Davies, Randall Robert Henry: A Lytell Book of Nonsense.
The Cayme Press, Kensington, 1925. [LL]

Davies, Randall Robert Henry: Less Eminent Victorians.
Peter Davies, London, 1927.

Debiprasada Bandyopadhya: Bamla limerika samgraha.
Indiyana pabalikesans, Kalikata, 1984. (in Bengali) [UBC]

De Witt, Hugh: There was a young lady.
London, Tandem, 1969, 160 p.

De Witt, Hugh: There was a Fair Maid. Another Collection of Saucy And Hilarious Limericks.
Tandem{Paperback}, London, 1969. SBN 4260 4415 0.

Dennis, Ivanette: New Comic Limericks.
Hallmark Editions, Kansas City 1967.

Dietze, W.: 333 Limericks.
Edition Leipzig, Leipzig, 1977.

Dimock, Donald [Dr. Fey]: Limericks Naughty & Gay With Decorative Drawings by the Author.
Mobile. Factor Press. 1995.

Dole, John: Odd Bodikins: A Book of Limericks.
Laurel House Books, Bexley, 1992. 0-9519352-0-8.

Donovan, Caroline: Old Testament Limericks
Legare Str. Press, Charleston, SC, 1982. [Interloc]

Douglas, Norman: The Norman Douglas Limerick Book.
London, 1969.

Douglas, Norman: Some Limericks.
Grove Press, Inc., New York 1967.

Driver, Raymond: AnimaLimericks.
Half Moon Books, New York etc., 1994. 0-671-87232-X.

Drexler, Carol J.: Limericks Rhymes And Riddles.
Watermill Press 1978

Dulac, Edmund: F was a fnciful frog: Edmund Dulac's Limericks.
Abbeville Press, New York-London-Paris, 1993. 1-55859-640-2. Originally published as: Lyrics, pathetic & humorous, from A to Z.

Dulac, Edmund: Lyrics Pathetic and Humorous from A to Z.
Frederick Warne & Co., London, 1908. [LL]

Duncan, Chester: Rhymes: Three Limericks from the Oxford Book of Light Verse.
Medium Voice and Piano. 1966, 5pp. [Univ. of Manitoba Music Library]

Duval, Remy: Limericks [par] Remy Duval.
Editions de Saint-Priest, Limoges, R. Dessagne, 1972. (300 copies printed). [LOC]


Edwards, Brian and Ross, Bob: Top of the Morning Limericks.
National Radio/Tandem (New Zealand), 1995. 0-908884-73-7.

Eisenberg, Larry & Gordon, George: Limericks for Lantzmen.
The Citadel Press, New York 1965.

Ells, Chuck: Alaskan Limericks.
Alaskan Viewpoint, 1991. 0-924663-15-4.

Erdoes, Richard: The Richard Erdoes Illustrated Treasury of Classic Unlaundered Limericks.
160p., pap., Balsam Pr., 1984. 0-917439-01-5.

Euwer, Anthony: The Limeratomy.
James B. Pond, New York, 1917.


Fabian, Ernst: Allerfeinste Limericks.

Faherty, William Barnaby (1914- ): The Book of Cardinalimericks: Memories of of Nine Champion Teams (1926-1982).
Amadee and Barnabee, Associates, St. Louis, 1993.

Falmouth, John (Ed.): Ninety-five Limericks.
Limerick Press, Suffern, N.Y., 1932. [LL]

Feldman, Franklin.: Rich Men/Poor Verse. Three limericks and three drawings.
Indian Mountain Press, 1998. 25 numbered copies. [Bibliofind]

Fischer, Grete: Wie nett, Herrn Lear zu kennen.
Muenchen, 1965. [SL]

Flagg, James M.: Tomfoolery. Drawings and Limericks by James Montgomery Flagg.
New York Life Publ. Co., 1904. [Interloc]

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Snayder Verlag, Paderborn 1997. 3-932319-24-9.

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The Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon, N.Y. 1951.

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The Starling Press Ltd., Risca, Newport, Gwent, 1983. 0-903434-65-2.

Foerfattarkollektivet: Alla vaenners Limerickar. (Limericks in honour of Curt Koster).
Svenssons Boktryckeri, Bastad 1971.

Ford, Noel: Limeroons.
Puffin Books, Harmondsworth 1991. 0-14-034495-0.

Four Score Limericks.
Lond. Privately printed. 1934. Limited ed. of 80 copies. [Bibliofind]

Frantz, E. Lowell: Lingering Down Limerick Lane.
Carlton, New York, 1969. [Interloc]


Ganley, W. Paul.: Limericks for the Midnight Hours.
Zadok Allen, Publisher, 1999. [Bibliofind]

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J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1921 [LL]

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A Writers Workshop Redbird Book. P. Lal, Calcutta, 1994. 81-7189-642-1.

Gibbs, C. Armstrong: (a rare book of limericks). [LD]

Glicksman, Abraham: Whimericks: A book of inaugural doggerels.
New York: Malan Press, 1971, 39 p.

Gniel, Penny: Beetles, Bugs'n Bulldust. A collection of limericks.
Neptune Press, Geelong, 1978. 0-909131-12

Gordon, Elizabeth: Some smiles: A little book of limericks.
W. A. Wilde, Boston, 1911. 29pp.

Gordon, George & Eisenberg, Lawrence: Limericks for the John.
Kanrom Inc., New York, 1963.

Gorey, Edward: The Listing Attic and the Unstrung Harp.
Abelard-Schuman, London 1975. [LD]

Gorey, Edward: A Limerick.
Dennis, MA: Salt-works press, (1973). [Bibliofind]

Gorey, Edward: Balaclava. 60 Limericks.
Diogenes Taschenbuch 27. Zuerich 1972. 65 S. [Bibliofind]

Graham, Arthur: La chevelure; a polyglot limerick
. Lexington, Ky.: Polyglot Press, 1973. 80 copies printed. (English, German, Italian, French).

Grand Prix Limerix: 1,001 New Limerix You Never Saw Before!
SRI Publ. Co., Fort Worth, Texas, 1966. [LL]

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Heated Limericks.
'Paris' [Havana], privately printed, 1933. [LL]

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Esslingen, 1973.

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1971 [Amazon]

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1971 [Amazon][Bibliofind]

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1992 [Interloc]

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