My Mission Statement For Math 2790

Problem-solving is an exciting and rich field of mathematics, and I have been immersed in this field for almost ten years now. The journey began as a young budding problem-solver and now I am actively involved in the training of Canada's top high school mathematics students. I also am a member of several committees that makes up original problems for math contests. I have a great deal of experience in the area of problem-solving, and hope to share my experiences with you in Math 2790.

Having said that, I want this course to be a journey for you. You will experience a twelve-week problem-solving odyssey, so that at the end of this course, you too can develop a love for this area of mathematics. This is not your ordinary "course", where you will be lectured at for 80 minutes twice a week. Instead of being a passive observer, you will be an active participant as we develop and discover various ideas and concepts in problem-solving. In this journey, we will focus on the process of solving problems, rather than worrying only on the final product (i.e., trying to cover as much material as possible).

Over the past several years, I've read countless articles and books that discuss learning theories, and the large majority of these authors found that students learn best not by absorbing information, but by constructing knowledge . I will do my very best to create such a learning environment for you. Thus, instead of being the "sage on the stage", I'd rather be your "guide on the side".

Thus, I would like you to see me not as your lecturer, professor, instructor, coach or even your teacher. I'd like you to see me as your tour guide . A tour guide who hopes to lead you on an incredible journey that will inspire you.