Friday, July 9, 1976
Dietmar Schumacher, On Freyd's "aspects" and O. Wyler's lecture notes on topoi

Friday, September 24, 1976
Richard Wood, Limits in enriched categories

Bob Paré, Cantor and strong functors

Tuesday, October 12, 1976
Bob Paré, Coalgebras as algebras

Friday, October 22, 1976
Bob Paré, Canonically indexed functors

Friday, October 29, 1976
Dietmar Schumacher, Factorizations of geometric morphisms

Monday, November 22, 1976
Joan Pelletier, Localization of the dual functor for Banach spaces

Friday, November 26, 1976
Dietmar Schumacher, More on...

Friday, November 26, 1976
Bob Paré, Onto classifiers

Friday, February 4, 1977
Dietmar Schumacher, Nonstandard analysis

Thursday, March 3, 1977
Bob Paré, Classifying topoi