Friday, September 19, 1986
Richard Wood, Splitting Idempotents between Topoi... and Rings

Friday, September 26, 1986
Murray Heggie, Presheaf Models for Homotopy Types

Friday, October 3, 1986
Barry Gardner, Radicals, Subdirect Decompositions and Spectra

Friday, October 10, 1986
L. Grunenfelder, Coalgebras and Deformations

Friday, October 17, 1986
Ron Gentle, Torsion-Torsion Free Theory I

Friday, October 24, 1986
Ron Gentle, Torsion-Torsion Free Theory II

Friday, November 7, 1986
Barry Jay, Norms as Monoidal Functors

Friday, November 14, 1986
Dietmar Schumacher, (Co-)Completeness in Indexed Categories

Friday, November 28, 1986
Barry Jay, Coherence for the Working Mathematician

Friday, January 9, 1987
Barry Gardner, When Addition Distributes over Multiplication

Friday, January 16, 1987
Barry Jay, A Language for Monoidal Categories

Friday, January 23, 1987
A. Krapez, Belovsov Identities on Quasigroups

Friday, January 30, 1987
Ron Gentle, Purity and Algebraic Compactness I

Friday, February 13, 1987
Barry Jay, A General Hahn-Banach Theorem

Friday, February 20, 1987
Wendy MacCaull, The Transfer of L-Structures in Sheaves over Heyting Algebras

Friday, March 6, 1987
Pat Stewart, Injective and Weakly Injective Rings

Friday, March 13, 1987
Ron Gentle, Purity and Algebraic Compactness II

Friday, March 20, 1987
Rick MacLeod, Dyoids

Friday, March 27, 1987
Richard Wood, A Technical, but Elementary, Aspect of Fully Faithful Functors

Friday, April 3, 1987
A. Krapez, The Tableau Method for Finite Satisfiability