Viewing Final Exams. NEW. You can see your final exam on Wednesday, January 7, between 2-3pm, or afterwards by appointment.

Final Exam. According to the registrar's website, our final exam will be on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2-5pm in Gym F.

What will be on the second midterm? The second midterm is on Nov. 7, and it covers all the material up to the Nov. 4 class, including trace and determinant and the change of basis matrix. The Nov. 6 class will be review. Please see the list of Topics Covered in Class for a detailed list of everything that we have covered so far, with section numbers from the textbook.

The following questions from the Old Exams are relevant to this midterm:

Midterm. Just a reminder that the first midterm will be on Oct. 3. It covers everything up to Tuesday's (Sept. 30) class. See the topics covered in class for details.

Midterm review problems. I recommend the following problems from old exams for practice:

OAC Diagnostic Test. Please note that there will be an OAC Diagnostic Test on January 17, i.e., in the second week of classes. This test will consist of 12 multiple choice questions on material taken from OAC Algebra and Geometry. To review the material, you should do the suggested "OAC Review" exercises below. In particular, you will need to know how to

  1. find the equations of a line in 3-space, given sufficient data,
  2. find the equation of a plane in 3-space, given sufficient data,
  3. determine the intersection of 2 planes in 3-space,
  4. determine the intersection of 2 lines in 3-space,
  5. determine the intersection of a line and a plane in 3-space,
  6. use the cross product to compute
    (i) a normal to a plane, (ii) the area of a triangle in 2 or 3-space,
  7. use the dot product to compute
    (i) the angle between 2 vectors in 2 or 3-space, (ii) the length of a vector in 2 or 3-space, (iii) the projection of one vector on another, (iv) the distance from a point to a plane in 3-space, (v) the distance from a point to a line in 2 or 3-space,
  8. add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers,
  9. convert complex numbers from cartesian to polar form and vice-versa,
  10. use simple properties of complex conjugation and the modulus.

Changed location of Math Help Center (posted Sept 10). The Math Help Center location formerly in "Salon Bleu" has been moved to the basement of the math department, 585 King Edward Avenue, room B3. The Marion Hall location and the hours of operation are unchanged.

Office hours. My current office hours are Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 and Thursdays 1-2, or by appointment. My office is at KED 205D.

Welcome to the course (Sept 4). Many students find this course difficult, and therefore it is necessary that you start working on it from the beginning. Please have a look at what some previous students had to say about the course.