Math 3321, Complex Analysis and Integral Transforms
Winter 2005
Peter Selinger

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Instructor: Prof. Peter Selinger
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
585 King Edward, Room 205D
Phone: 562-5800 Ext. 3510 (I prefer email when possible)
Email: (please put "3321" in subject line)
Office hours: Tuesday 2-3 and Thursday 4-5, or by appointment.
Lectures: Tue, 11:30-1, MCD 146
Fri, 1-2:30, MCD 146
Website: Updated information, homework sets, any handouts, etc., will be available from
Topics: In the course, we will study functions of complex variables, differentiation, integration, Taylor and Laurent series, singularities and residues. This material corresponds to sections 12.1-9, 13.1-4, 14.1-4 and 15.1-4 in the textbook.
Prerequisites: MAT2322, (MAT2331 or MAT2324). Cannot be combined for credit with MAT 3121.
Textbook: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8th edition, by E. Kreyszig, Wiley, 1999. The textbook is available from the Agora bookstore.
Homework: There will be weekly homework, due on Fridays at the beginning of class. The lowest homework will be dropped.
Midterm: There will be a midterm test on Friday, February 18, in class. The midterm cannot be taken at any later time. If you miss the midterm for a good reason (pre-approved by the instructor), the midterm's weight will transfer to the final exam.
Marks: Marks will be calculated as follows: if the mark on the final exam is < 40% (or between 40% and 45%), the course mark will be F (respectively, E). If the mark on the final exam is 45% or better, the course mark will be calculated as 15% homework + 25% midterm + 60% final exam.
Calculators: On the midterm and final exam, Students will be allowed to use basic scientific calculators (single-line display, non-programmable) approved by the Faculty of Science. Graphing and programmable calculators are not allowed.

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