Math 3321, Complex Analysis and Integral Transforms
Winter 2005
Peter Selinger

Old Announcements

Welcome to the course (posted Jan. 7). This space will contain current announcements.

UO Announcement: International Exchange Program (posted Jan. 7). The University of Ottawa offers interested students the opportunity to complete part of your studies in another country or in another Canadian university. For more information, click here.

Office Hours (posted Jan. 14). My current office hours are Tuesday 2-3 and Thursday 4-5, or by appointment. My office is KED 205D, at 585 King Edward Ave.

Marked Homework (posted Jan. 25). The first homework has been marked and is available for pickup. You can pick up your homework from the boxes in the entrance area of the Math Department, 585 King Edward Ave. There is a set of boxes labeled "MAT 3321". The homework marks are available through InfoWeb.

Midterm Marks (posted Mar. 3). The midterm has been marked and will be given back in class on Mar. 4. Please note that Mar. 4 is also the last day to drop classes. The marks are available through InfoWeb.

Final Exam. Our final exam will be on Friday, April 15, 2005, 9:30-12:30, in SITE A150 and G103.

Exam-week Office Hours (posted Apr. 10). I will not be in my office on Thursday, April 14. Instead, there will be special office hours on Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13, from 2-3pm.

Suggested practice problems (posted Apr. 10). Here is the list of practice problems for the final exam that I gave in class:

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