Old Announcements

Office Hours. My office hours are Mondays 1-2pm, or by appointment. My office is KED 205D. Sometimes I am a few minutes late.

Rescheduled lecture. As we discussed in class, there will be a special class on Friday, November 19, from 2:30-4, to make up for a lecture we missed in September. Location: Fauteux 235.

Putnam Classes. Prof. Jason Levy has asked me to post the following announcement: Could you please announce to all your students (English & French, first year and up) that I will be running the Putnam (AKA advanced problems) class this year? All undergrads are invited to attend; there's no risk, no commitment, just the chance to learn how to solve really hard math problems. For more information, students should check the web page -- tell them to google University of Ottawa with Putnam.

Rescheduled lecture. As we discussed in class, the lecture of September 21 will be canceled and re-scheduled to Friday, September 24, from 2:30-4. Location: 585 King Edward, Room B4.

Welcome to the course (Sept. 9). Announcements, handouts, homework assignments, etc. will be posted on this web page.