Math 5361, Topics in Quantum Computation
Winter 2004
Peter Selinger

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Time and Location: Tuesday 10:00-11:30 KED B004, Thursday 10:00-11:30 KED B004

Course Description: This course will be a graduate-level course in quantum computation, with an emphasis on quantum programming languages and models. Likely topics include: basics of quantum computation, density matrices and superoperators, quantum flow charts, basic domain theory and category theory, models of quantum programming languages, quantum phenomena (teleportation, non-locality, error correction, quantum cryptography), quantum algorithms and complexity, higher-order quantum computation. Time permitting, we may also study topics from quantum information theory and topological quantum computation.

Instructor: Peter Selinger. Office: KED 205D. Phone: 562-5800 ext. 3510. Email: selinger@mathstat.dal.ca (please put "5361" in subject line).

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with the basic concepts of quantum computation will be useful; MAT 5990 (MATH 5900F) is recommended but not required

Textbook: There will be no "official" textbook for the course. Instead, I will suggest reading material as appropriate. Our two main references are:

We will also refer to research papers for individual topics.

Course Work: I will assign homework in class. In lieu of a final exam, each student will give a 20-30 minute presentation on a topic which we agree on. I will present a choice of suitable topics and reading material.

Course Homepage: http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/5361/.

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