Curriculum Vitae – Jane Sampleman

Personal Information

Name: Dr. Jane Sampleman
Address: Department of Culinary Science
Bay Leaf University
1234 Main St.
PO BOX 12345
Bay Leaf, Ontario  A0A 0A0
Phone: +1-123-456-7890


University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, United States, 1990.
Doctorate, Advanced Cooking (Culinary Science). Supervisor: John H. Sanford.

Walden University, Massachusetts, United States, 1987.
Master's non-Thesis, Culinary Science.

Lebanon University of Science & Technology, Lebanon, 1984.
Bachelor's, Culinary Science.


University Faculty Award, Nutritious Sausage, Endive, and Radish Council of Canada (NSERC), Ontario, Canada, 1995–2001. $123,456.

NSERC: "The goal of the University Faculty Awards program is to enhance the recruitment, retention and early career progression of women and Aboriginal people in tenure-track faculty positions in the natural sciences and engineering, in Canadian universities, by providing opportunities for them to establish a strong research record."


Associate Professor (Tenured), Department of Culinary Science, Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, 1998–.

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Department of Culinary Science, Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, 1995–1998.

Assistant Professor (Non Tenure Track), Department of Culinary Science, University of Agriculture, Ontario, Canada, 1994–1995.

Postdoctoral Fellow (Non Tenure Track), Department of Culinary Science, Culinary University, Quebec, Canada, 1992–1994.

Assistant Professor (Non Tenure Track), Department of Culinary Science, Henry Truman University, New Mexico, United States, 1990–1992.


Research Member, Food Sciences Research Institute, California, United States, 2002.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Culinary Science, University of Agriculture, Ontario, Canada, 1995–1998.


Sabbatical, Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, July 1December 31, 2002.

I spent Fall 2002 in Berkeley at FSRI. It was a very enriching experience for myself and my students who were able to accompany me. As a result of the program, we have been working on new and diverse projects.

Parental, Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, May 24December 24, 1997.

This was my first maternity leave. I did not start any new projects during this time.

Research Funding

Startup Funds (Operating), 1995–. Bay Leaf University, $54,321.

NSERC Discovery Grant (Operating), 2004–2009. Principal Applicant.

NSERC Reasearch Tools and Instruments Grant (Completed), 2003–2004. Co-applicant, with David Smith (Principal Applicant). Nutritious Sausage, Endive, and Radish Council of Canada (NSERC), Research Tools and Instruments - Category 1, $12,345.

NSERC Discovery Grant (Completed), 1999–2004. Principal Investigator. Nutritious Sausage, Endive, and Radish Council of Canada (NSERC), Discovery Grant, $34,567.

Startup Funds (Operating), 1994–1996. University of Agriculture, $20,000.

Supervisory Activities

In Progress:

Mary Jones, "Advanced Cooking of Delicious Foods", Doctorate (Co-Supervisor), Bay Leaf University, 2003–2007.

Erica Baker, "Past and Present of Baking", Doctorate, Bay Leaf University, 2002–2006.

Michael Winter, "The Perfect Casserole", Master's Thesis, Bay Leaf University, 2003–2005.

Elisabeth Young, "Modern appetizers", Doctorate, Bay Leaf University, 2002–2005.

John Welsh, "Nutrition and Taste in the 21st Century", Doctorate, Bay Leaf University, 2000–2004.


Mary Jones, "Basic food preparation", Master's Thesis (Co-Supervisor), Bay Leaf University, 2002–2003. Present Position: Doctoral Student at Bay Leaf.

Claire Connor, "The Chemistry of Baked Foods", Doctorate, Bay Leaf University, 1998–2003. Present Position: Maternity Leave.

Arthur Hurston, "Baking in the 19th century", Doctorate, Bay Leaf University, 1997–2001. Present Position: PDF at King's University.

Arthur Hurston, "Baking in the 18th century", Master's Thesis, Bay Leaf University, 1995–1996. Present Position: PDF at King's.

Conferences Organized

Co-organizer, Connecting Women in Culinary Science Across Canada (WCSAC), Canadian Culinary Society's Women in Food Science Committee (organizer), October 3–5, 2004.

My main role was writing the proposal for the event to be hosted at the Banff International Research Station, and raising funds from Food Science institutes across Canada. I have also been involved in setting the schedule, selection of participants, and served as the liaison with Banff center.

Co-organizer, ACS Special Session: Advanced Cooking (Bay Leaf), American Culinary Society (organizer), October 18–19, 2004.

Co-organizer, CCS Special Session: Advanced Cooking and Food Preparation (Bay Leaf University), Canadian Culinary Society (organizer), June 4–7, 2003.

Editorial Activities

Editor, Transactions on Cooked and Raw Foods, 2003–.


Panel Moderator, CCS Women in Food Science, Ontario, Canada, June 2003 – .

Panel moderator for the Women in Food Science Luncheon and Panel Discussion held during the CCS Summer meeting in Bay Leaf.

Assessment and Reviewing

Journal Reviewing

Referee, Elec. J. Cook., Food Sci. Scand., Mich. Food Sci. J., J. Cook. Bak., J. Mod. Food, Taiwanese J. Food Sci., Korean J. Food Sci., J. Appl. Skillets, Stud. Food Sci. Hung., J. Digest., October 2002 – September 2004.

Referee, J. Cook., J. Cook. Thry, Proc. ACS, Comm. Alg., Sao Paulo J. Food Sc., J. Harv. and Cook., January 1994 – December 2001.

Conference Reviewing

Referee, Agriculture and the Food Supply (AFS), 1995 and 2003, Rome (Italy) and Paris (France), January 1995 – January 2003.

Referee, International Symposium on Digestible Foods (ISDF), University of Milan, Milan, Italy, January – Feburary 1996.

Assessment of Research Funding Applications

External Reviewer, US Fast Food Review Board (FFRB), Connecticut, United States, 3 Applications, March 5, 2000 – April 15, 2004.

External Reviewer, Nutritious Sausage, Endive, and Radish Council of Canada (NSERC), Ontario, Canada, December 15, 1996 – January 15, 1997.

Organizational Review

Participant, Centre de Recherches d'Alimentation (CRA), Quebec, Canada, January 15, 1997.

Invited test-eater in one of CRA sessions. Participated in review of raw and cooked foods.

Participant, American Culinary Society, New Mexico, United States, January 8, 1992.

ACS Committee on Procurement of Rare Ingredients. Participated in a discussion group on grocery shopping.

Graduate Examination Activities

PhD Oral Exam Member, M. Jones. Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, September 30, 2004.

Thesis Defense Examiner, PhD: A. Hurston, R. Norman, C. Connor. Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, August 15, 2001 – September 15, 2004.

Examiner, Specialist Chef Examination to many students. Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, December 1, 1995 – September 15, 2004.

Event Participation

Participant, WCSAC Workshop: Women in Culinary Science, September 23–28, 1996.

Invited participant and member of panel discussion on “Chopping, dicing, and cutting: successes and challenges.” Helped develop policies and strategies that support and advance women in Culinary Science.

Committee Memberships:

Committee Member, CCS Board of Directors, Canadian Culinary Society, Ontario, Canada, July 2003 – June 2007.

The goal of the Canadian Culinary Society is to promote and advance the discovery, learning and application of culinary science.

Chair, Culinary Science Graduate Committee, Bay Leaf University, Ontario, Canada, January 2003 – December 2005.

Other Memberships

Member, CCS, ACS, AWC, CSA, September 1, 1984 – .

Member, CSA Project BarBQ, September 1, 1990 – May 30, 1991.

Project BarBQ is a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the culinary sciences.


Food from simple sources. Invited talk. Special Session: Advanced Cooking: Food Sources and Preparation Methods, CCS Winter meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 5, 2004. With funding from: Nutritious Sausage, Endive, and Radish Council of Canada (NSERC).

Why we eat what we eat. Invited talk. Special Session: Extra Slow Food Preparation and Advanced Low-Impact Cooking, ACS Sectional Meeting, San Antonio, California, United States, October 24, 2004. With funding from: Bay Leaf University.

Media Relations

Interview on Flavours and Aromas in Food Science, by Ontario Chair for Tasty Morsels,. Chair for Aromatic Food and Beverages,, September 9, 2004.

"This interview series showcases persons with special achievements in the preparation of tasty food and beverages."


Journal Articles:

*Connor C., Sampleman J., Ten new criteria for the selection of ingredients. Revision Requested, Journal of Food Preparation, 2004.

*Young E., Sampleman J., On systemic differences in the appreciation of meals. Journal of Pure and Applied Kitchen Craft 218:1800-1805, 2003.

Book Chapters:

*Welsh J., Sampleman J., When is an Appetizer a Meal? Accepted in Advanced Cooking and Culinary Theory, (Food Sci. Res. Inst. Publ., Cambridge University Press, 2004. Edited by S. Ensign, D. Innes, T. Stuart, A. Zinger.

Sampleman J., Edible plants and animals. In Food We Find In The Wild, Birkhauser, 2004. Edited by C. Szedegzy, A. Walker-Aubergene.


Jane Sampleman, Ten New Recipes For Brazed Parsley. Doctoral Thesis, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, United States, 1990. Supervisor: John H. Sanford.

Conference Publications:

Paul Carson, Jane Sampleman, Mark Striker, Food that grows on trees. In Second International Congress on Natural Eating, Seville, Spain, September 1, 1996. Springer Lecture Notes Series in Sustainable Nourishment, pp. Volume 415, 110-112, 1996.