International Category Theory Conference
CT 2006

White Point, Nova Scotia, June 25 - July 1, 2006


Monday, June 26

9:00-9:55: Bill Lawvere: "The mathematical lives of Sammy and Saunders"
10:00-10:55: Walter Tholen: "Mac Lane and Factorizations"
11:15-12:10: Peter Freyd: "New structures on old categories"
2:00-2:25: Robert Paré: "Spans for 2-categories"
2:30-2:55: Thomas M. Fiore: "Double Categories and Pseudo Algebras"
3:00-3:25: John Iskra: "Smoothness in Zariski Categories"
3:45-4:10: Christine Vespa: "The functor category F_quad associated to quadratic spaces over F_2"
4:15-4:40: Paul Taylor: "On the Reaxiomatisation of General Topology"
4:45-5:10 A: Isar Stubbe: "Q-modules are Q-suplattices"
4:45-5:10 B: Michael J. Healy: "Applying Category Theory to Improve the Performance of a Neural Architecture" (with Richard D. Olinger, Robert J. Young, Thomas P. Caudell, K. Larson)
5:15-5:40 A: Claudio Pisani: "On the reflection and the coreflection of categories over a base in discrete fibrations"
5:15-5:40 B: Noson S. Yanofski: "Towards a Definition of an Algorithm"

Tuesday, June 27

9:00-9:55: Kathryn Hess: "Co-rings over operads"
10:00-10:45: Jiri Rosický: "Homotopy varieties"
11:00-11:35: Marco Grandis: "Fundamental lax 2-categories in Directed Algebraic Topology"
11:40-12:15: Ronnie Brown: "Some applications of crossed complexes"
2:00-2:25: Susan Niefield: "Exponentiability in Homotopy Slices of Top"
2:30-2:55: Thorsten Palm: "Categories with slicing"
3:00-3:25: Richard Steiner: "Omega-categories and chain homotopies"
3:45-4:10: Mike Johnson: "Constant complements, reversibility and universal view updates" (with Robert Rosebrugh)
4:15-4:40: Michel Hébert: "A Completeness Theorem for Injectivity Logic" (with J. Adámek and L. Sousa)
4:45-5:10 A: Elango Panchadcharam: "Mackey functors and Green functors"
4:45-5:10 B: Lurdes Sousa: "A complete orthogonality logic" (with J. Adámek and M. Hébert)
5:15-5:40 A: Jeffrey Morton: "Higher Dimensional Algebra and Quantum Mechanics"
5:15-5:40 B: João J. Xarez: "Galois theories of internal groupoids via congruence relations for Maltsev varieties"

Wednesday, June 28

9:00-9:55: Steve Lack: "A convenient 2-category of bicategories"
10:00-10:45: Myles Tierney: "Quasi-categories can model homotopy theories" (with André Joyal)
11:00-11:35: Dominique Bourn: "Homological properties of the categories of Hausdorff groups and Hausdorff semi-abelian algebras"
11:40-12:15: Marino Gran: "Torsion theories and Galois coverings of topological groups" (with Valentina Rossi)

Wednesday afternoon: Excursions

Thursday, June 29

9:00-9:55: Tom Leinster: "The Euler characteristic of a category"
10:00-10:45: Michael Makkai: "Higher dimensional diagrams via computads"
11:00-11:35: Dorette Pronk: "Paths in Double Categories"
11:40-12:15: Dirk Hofmann: "Lax-algebraic theories and closed objects"
2:00-2:25: Eugenia Cheng: "Towards an n-category of cobordisms" (with Nick Gurski)
2:30-2:55: Nick Gurski: "Algebraifying tricategories"
3:00-3:25: Simona Paoli: "Semistrict models of connected 3-types and Tamsamani's weak 3-groupoids"
3:45-4:10: Mark Weber: "2-toposes and higher dimensional algebra"
4:15-4:40 A: Diana Rodelo: "Cohomology without projectives"
4:15-4:40 B: Hugh Millington: "A New Ontology for Category Theory"
4:45-5:10 A: Matt Noonan: "Differential Geometry on Categories"
4:45-5:10 B: Jeff Egger: "The Frobenius relations meet linear distributivity"
5:15-5:40 A: Toby Kenney: "Injective Power Objects and the Axiom Of Choice"
5:15-5:40 B: Derek Wise: "Chain field theory"

Friday, June 30

9:00-9:55: Peter Selinger: "Categorical models of quantum computation"
10:00-10:45: Pieter Hofstra: "The category of realizability toposes"
11:00-11:35: Richard Wood: "Cartesian Bicategories II" (with A. Carboni, G.M. Kelly, R.F.C. Walters)
11:40-12:15: Jiri Adámek: "Iterative Algebras and Iterative Monads"
2:00-2:25: Stefan Milius: "Recursive coalgebras"
2:30-2:55: Richard Blute: "Deep Inference and Probabilistic Coherence Spaces" (with Prakash Panangaden and Sergey Slavnov)
3:00-3:25: Jürgen Koslowski: "Simulations as a genuinely categorical concept"
3:45-4:10: Robert Seely: "Differential Categories II" (with Richard Blute, Robin Cockett)
4:15-4:40: Luigi Santocanale: "Properties of Free Sigma-Pi-Categories" (with Robin Cockett)
4:45-5:05: Josep Elgueta: "2-categories of representations of a 2-group"
5:10-5:30 A: Juan Martínez-Moreno: "The actor of a categorical crossed module" (with M.A. García-Muñoz)
5:10-5:30 B: Robert E. Kent: "The information flow framework: New architecture"
5:35-5:55 A: Stefan Forcey: "Categorification of associahedra"
5:35-5:55 B: Michael Winter: "Arrow Categories"

Saturday, July 1

8:30-9:25: Steve Schanuel: "Objective number theory: the finite case"
9:30-10:10: Enrico Vitale: "Derivations of internal groupoids" (with S. Kasangian, S. Mantovani, G. Metere)
10:15-10:40: Gábor Lukács: "Non-commutative k-spaces" (with Rachid El Harti)
10:45-11:35: Bill Lawvere: "Axiomatic theory of cohesive spaces"


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