FMCS 2008
16th Workshop on Foundational Methods in Computer Science

Dalhousie University, May 30 - June 1, 2008


Thursday, May 29

5:30-8:00: Welcome reception, 319 Chase building

Friday, May 30

9:00-10:30: Ernie Manes (Massachusetts): "Recurrence"
11:00-11:30: Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie): "Flexible Double Categories"
11:30-12:00: Toby Kenney (Dalhousie): "Codistributive diads"
1:45-6:00: Special session honoring Ernie Manes's 65th Birthday
1:45-2:00: Philip Mulry (Colgate): "Welcome to special session"
2:00-2:45: Stephen Bloom (Stevens): "Conway and iteration semirings"
2:45-3:30: Robin Cockett (Calgary): "Ernie and adding complements"
3:30-3:45: Fred Linton (Wesleyan): "Part I: Ernie Manes - A Reminiscence"
4:15-4:30: Fred Linton (Wesleyan): "Part II: A double cover of Heath's V-space admitting no global section"
4:30-5:15: Bob Paré (Dalhousie): "Double triples"
5:15-6:00: Bill Lawvere (SUNY Buffalo): "Extensivity and rig geometry"

Saturday, May 31

9:00-10:30: Paul-André Melliès (Paris 7): "TBA"
11:00-11:30: John MacDonald (UBC): "Street orientals and Steiner n-categories"
11:30-11:55: Brendan Cordy (McGill): "Constructing final coalgebras with modal logic"
11:55-12:20: Emily Diepenveen (Ottawa): "Relational models of the untyped lambda calculus"
2:15-3:45: Andrea Schalk (Manchester): "Building *-autonomous categories"
4:15-4:45: Peter Selinger (Dalhousie): "Fibonacci objects"
4:45-5:10: Benoît Valiron (Ottawa): "Semantics of higher order quantum computation"
5:10-5:35: Octavio Malherbe (Ottawa): "Presheaf models of quantum lambda calculus"
5:35-6:00: Brett Giles (Calgary): "Reversible computation - a restriction category view"

Saturday evening: conference dinner

Sunday, June 1

9:00-10:30: Pieter Hofstra (Ottawa): "Fibrations and proofs"
11:00-11:30: Brian Redmond (Calgary): "Safe recursion revisited"
11:30-12:00: Joachim de Lataillade (Ottawa): "Strachey parametricity and game semantics"
12:00-12:30: Richard Wood (Dalhousie): "Partial products"


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