AUGUST 15-17, 2002

			  AUGUST 12-14, 2002

			 University of Ottawa
		       Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

                Final Call for Participation & Schedule

CTCS'02 is the 9th Conference on Category Theory and Computer
Science. The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of
the foundations of computing using the tools of category theory.  The
emphasis is upon applications of category theory, but it is recognized
that the area is highly interdisciplinary.

Typical topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
category-theoretic aspects of the following:

coalgebras and computing
concurrent and distributed systems
constructive mathematics
declarative programming and term rewriting
domain theory and topology
foundations of computer security
linear logic
modal and temporal logics
models of computation
program logics, data refinement, and specification
programming language semantics
type theory

Previous meetings have been held in Guildford (Surrey), Edinburgh
(twice), Manchester, Paris, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and S. Margherita
Ligure (Genova). This is the first time CTCS will be held in North

The proceedings of the conference will be published as a special issue
of ENTCS (Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science). Paper
copies of the proceedings will be available to participants at the

The conference will have 4 invited speakers:

Eric Goubault (CEA/Saclay)
Guy McCusker (Sussex)
Peter Selinger (Ottawa)
Paul Syverson (Naval Research Laboratory)


One new feature that CTCS will have this year is a "preconference"
from August 12-14. This is supported in part by a grant from CRM, the
Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (Univ. of Montreal).  The goal is to
prepare students for CTCS, through mini-courses in the basic
areas underlying the fields of the  conference. The schedule is below.


Rick Blute, Chair (Ottawa)
Robin Cockett (Calgary)
Thierry Coquand (Chalmers)
Andrea Corradini (Pisa)
Thomas Ehrhard (Luminy)
Ryu Hasegawa (Tokyo)
Martin Hofmann (Munich)
Bart Jacobs (Nijmegen)
Michael Johnson (Macquarie)
Dusko Pavlovic (Kestrel Institute)
Alex Simpson (Edinburgh)


E. Moggi, Chair, (Genova)
S. Abramsky (Oxford)
P. Dybjer (Chalmers)
B. Jay (Sydney)
A. Pitts (Cambridge)


R. Blute (Ottawa)  email:
P. Scott (Ottawa)  email:


The deadline for special rates has now officially passed, but the hotels
may still be willing to give the reduced rates, so we have included the
details below. If you need assistance finding accomadations,
please contact the organizers.

We also have a limited number of dorm rooms available. If interested,
please contact the local organizers.

1) Ramada Hotel & Suites Ottawa
(Use Group Code 2451 to get special rates.)

111 Cooper Street
Ottawa, ONTARIO K2P 2E3
Tel: 1-613-238-1331
FAX: 1-613-230-2179
Updated 06/24/2002:

This is avalable from Wednesday, August 14, 2002  to Sunday, August 18,
2002  (departure on Monday).

Rate:  $109.00  single or double occupancy
Deadline: July 14th, 2002

2) Novotel Ottawa Hotel
(Use Contract # UNIV-814 to get special rates.)

33 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, ONTARIO K1N 9M7
Phone:1-613-230-3033 or
1-800-668-6835 (Reservations worldwide-no charge dial)


This is available from  Wednesday, August 14, 2002  to
Sunday, August 18, 2002 (departure on Monday).

Rate: $129 single or double, $144 triple, $159 Quad
Deadline: July 14th, 2002


Updated information is available at

Registration forms are on the web site. Please register as soon as
possible.  (NOTE:  CTCS is being held at U. Ottawa,
but the conference registrar and coordinator is Ms. Gillian S. Murray,
at Carleton University, as shown on the Registration Forms).


                          CTCS Preconference Minicourses
                                  August 12th-14th

Monday, August 12th

9:00-10:20 S. Niefield, "Introduction to Category Theory I"
10:50-12:10 S. Niefield, "Introduction to Category Theory II"

12:10-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-3:20 P. Scott, "Introduction to Categorical Logic I"
3:50-5:10 P. Scott, "Introduction to Categorical Logic II"

Tuesday, August 13th

9:00-10:20 P. Selinger, "Introduction to Concurrency Theory I"
10:50-12:10 J. Adamek, "Introduction to Coalgebras I"

12:10-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-3:20 R. Blute, "Introduction to Linear Logic I"
3:50-5:10 R. Cockett, "Introduction to Game Theory I"

7:00-9:00 Student Presentations

Wednesday, August 14th

9:00-10:20 P. Selinger, "Introduction to Concurrency Theory II"
10:50-12:10 J. Adamek, "Introduction to Coalgebras II"

12:10-2:00 LUNCH

2:00-3:20 R. Blute, "Introduction to Linear Logic II"
3:50-5:10 R. Cockett, "Introduction to Game Theory II"

                                 August 15th-17th

Thursday, August 15th

8:50-9:00 Welcome

9:00-10:00 Invited Speaker-Eric Goubault (CEA/Saclay)

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:50 M. Coccia, F. Gadducci & U. Montanari, "GS-Lambda theories:
                     A syntax for higher-order graphs"
10:55-11:30 R. Cockett & L. Santocanale, "Induction, coinduction and adjoints"
11:35-12:10 L. Schroder, "Classifying categories for partial equational logic"

12:10-2:00 Lunch

2-3:00 Invited Speaker-Guy McCusker (Sussex)

3:15-3:50 J. Laird, "A categorical semantics of higher order store"
3:55-4:30 P. Levy, "Adjunction models for call-by-push-value with stacks"
4:35-5:10 J. Hughes & B. Jacobs, "Factorization systems and fibrations"

5:30-6:30 Business Meeting

Friday, August 16th

9:00-9:35 S. Milius, "On iteratable endofunctors"
9:40-10:15 J. Adamek, S. Milius & J. Velebil,  "On rational monads and free
                                  iterative theories"

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:05 F. Lamarche, "Multiplicative linear logics and fibrations"
11:10-11:45 P. Boudes,  "Non-uniform hypercoherences"
11:50-12:25 J. Koslowski, "A monadic approach to polycategories"

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2-3:00 Invited Speaker-Peter Selinger (Ottawa)

3:30-6  Reception at National Gallery

Saturday, August 17th

9:00-10:00 Invited Speaker-Paul Syverson (Naval Research Laboratory)

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-10:50 E. Haghverdi, G. Pappas & P. Tabuada, "Bisimulation relations for
                                  dynamical and control systems"
10:55-11:30 S. Abramsky & B. Coecke, "Physical traces: Quantum vs. classical
                                  information processing"
11:35-12:10 M. Hasegawa, "The uniformity principle on traced monoidal

12:15-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:35 S. Bloom & Z. Esik,"Unique, guarded fixed points in an
                                  additive setting"
2:40-3:15 M. Maietti, "Joyal's arithmetic universes via type theory"

3:15-3:30 Break

3:30-4:05 K. Worytkiewicz, "Paths and Simulations"
4:10-4:45 P. Taylor, "Local compactness and the Baire category
                                  theorem in abstract Stone duality"