Form 24
Request to Re_ise the Registration and Certificate of Legal Effect
LaM_RegistrafionAcf, S._.S. 2OOl, c.6, subsection 18(13)
LaM_RegisfrafioMA__iMisfrafion RegulafioMs, s4bsections 8(1), 8(2), 14(2), l5(2) and 17(4)

Registration district:          Halifax
Registrant user number:
Submitter' s name/firm ;

In the matter of Parcel Identification _umber (PID)

(_xpan_ 6ox_or a__ifjonal PIDs.)

a    (chech i_appropriafe) This request and Certificate of Legal Effect incl4des a (selecf one3
benefit/burden that affects another parcel registered under the Lan_ Regisfrafion Acf and
a separate Form 24 relating to this (selecf one) benefit/burden is being submitted
contemporaneously herewith.

0    (chech ijrappropriafe3 This request and Certificate of Legal Effect is being 4sed to revise
the registration of m4ltiple PIDs. The attached document is a cert. ified copy of a
document that is being submitted for registration contemporaneously herewith.

a    (chech ijrappropriafe) This req4est and Certificate of Legal Effect is being used to
remove a j4dgment from the parcel register. The attached document outlines or is the
basis upon which the removal of the 3udgment is being req4ested.

a    (chech ijfappropriate) This transfer relates to a portion of the above-noted consolidated

0    (chech ijrap_propriafe) This transfer of ownership also subdivides land and creates a parcel
or parcels 1 O hectares or greater in area.

0    (chech i_appropriafe) This req4est includes the addition of a benefit by adverse
possession or prescription over a parcel that has not been registered under the LaM_
RegisfrafioM Acf, An abstract oftitle for the beneflt is attached, but no Fo_ 8 Opinion is
necessa_, as per Lan_ Regisfrafion __ininisfrafioM Regulations, subsection 8(2).

a    (chech i_appropriafe) This transfer relates to a parcel to which the Co-operafive
Associafions Acf applies, and the endorsement of the Tnspector of Co-operatives appears

Signature of the Inspector of Co-operatives
Endorsed for revision under the _an_ Regisfrafion Acf

Page - 1 -             Effective May 1 6, 2OO5