_chedule ''B''
Rules and ReguIations

1.  h3o ou_jde c3otheslines, _dio ae_als, or T.V. _te_as sh&ll _ erected by a Ten_t.
2.  Yo ten_t shall take roomers or bo_den _ _y Ap_ent.
3.  Yo sidewaM hall, en_, p_sage or s__.  ay ofthe Ap_ent build_g shall be ob_ct_ by any
ten__ or _d by the_ for _y o_er p_se _an for __ess _d e__s to _d _o_ _ej resp_tive
4.  h3o si_, adve_sement or notice sha1l be _sc_bed, p__ted or amxed on _y p_ of the ou_ide of the
build_g, or inside ofthe building _less _t desi_ated by the _ndlord _d endoned hereon.
5.  Ten_4 must not allow the_ windows to rem__ o_n _ to a_it __ or snow. For _y _j_ cawed
to the prope_ of the other tenan_, or to the pro__ of the Landlord by such c_elessness the Ten_t
neglect_' g this _le will be held _sponsible. DuM. g the w_. ter months all windows must remain c3osed
if the tenant is not present.
6.  No additional locks shall be placed u_n any d_r of_e build_g without _e consent of_e _dlord,
which shall be end0_ed hereon. Any ten_t who Iocks hi_e_el_ out of hismer Ap_ent will be
ch_ged a lockout fee of_35.OO.
1.  _oth_g sball be placed by the Ten_t on _e outside of the windowsills or p_3ections.
8.  Water shall not be leR running _ _e Ap_ent unless ac_1ly b__g wed. Yo sp_e, hooks, xrews,
or stick on pic_e hangers shall be put _t0 _e wall or woodwor_ ofthe build_g. Sh_ ob3ec_ shall
not _ used to chip or remove accu3nulations of _ost bom re_geraton. Yo launq w_hers or dyers
not o_ed by the _and_ord shall be kept, wed or stored in the Ap_ent.
9.  All glass, loc_s, screens, and _.  _ings in or _n t_e doon and w_dows of_e Ap_ent shall be
kept w_ole, and whenever any paft there0f shall b_ome lost or bro_en, _ey s_all be immediately
replaced oF repa_ed under the dj_tion _d to _e satisfaction of the Landlord or h_ agen_ _d such
replacements _d rep_irs sball be paid for by the ten8nt of the Ap_ent.
l O. Yo dog, cat rabbi_ bĭr_ or _y o_er __al w_atsoever shall be _thin'  or abo_ _e Ap_ent,
with0ut wri_en autho_2ation by the landlord.
ll. Tbe Tena__ _e_bers 0f hi_ f8_ily, bi_ gue_ts, visiton, or senFaats sball not _8ke or per_it loud
_nd i_pr0per noise i_ or ne8r tbe buildiag or do' 8_ytbi_g tbat _ould r_s0nab Iy a_noy, disturb,
or i_ter_ere _itb te_8_ts ia otber 8p8__e_ts i_ tbe bu_di_g.
12. T13e Ap_ent shall _ leR clean _d in good condition at the expiration ofte_.
1 3. _o goods, cha_ls, fi_es, or o_er ite_ that mi_t over1oad _e _oor of _e Ap_ent shall be
bro4_t into _e Ap_ent nor sha11 ite_s be _oved o_, _ or over _oo_, sidewa_, s__'  ays, la_s
or o_er p_pe_ of the _dlord sa _ to d_age s_e; Te___ wi_ _ beld res__ible for _y
damage caused by _e_ movement of items in, out of or a_ut _e Ap_ent.
l4. _e Ten_t shall not place or allow to be placed bicycles, baby cm__es or o_er _nonal pro__ _
pub_ic _e_ or on sidewaM, nei_er shall 8rticles _ __i_ed to re__ ou_ide _ such _e_
ove__t or wben not _ we. Penonal p___ leR _ pub_c __ may be _mov_ _d d__s_ of
by t_e L_dlord.
l 5. Yo store_ of _y combwtible or o_ensive goods, provisions or mate_als shall _ _ept in the
Ap_ent or _ _y storage _ea or locker _ea by _e Ten_t.
l6, H_dwood __n must _ kept cle_, waxed _d polisbed at _e e__e of_e Ten_t. C__ _wt
be _ept clean at _e expense of _e Tenant.
1 7. _e Ten_t will be held responsible for _y d__e to _e building cawed by mo__ g _i_e _ or
out of _e Ap_ent.
1 8. _e _dlord's elec_c stove, re_ge_to_, _d disbw_ber wbere pro_ded _wt be _ept cle_ _d _
good wor_' g order by _e Ten_t. _e Tenant will be res__ible for _y d__e to _is equipment,
re_onable we_ 8nd te_ is accepted. _unq facilities. where provided by tbe _dlor_ shall be
properly wed _d _ot abwe_ by _e Ten_t.
l 9. _e Ten_t s_all not dis_b or _te_ere with _y laa_cap_g, g_de_ wo_ or p__t_' g tbat h_ been
done by _e _dlord, except as ber__before pro_ded. Addi_onal pl_ting _ay _ done by _e Ten_t
only with the p_or vm_en consent of _e _dlord.