Schedule "B"

Rules and Regulations

l. No outside clotheslines, radio aerials, or T.V- aQteMas shall be erected by a Tenant.
2. No tenant shall take roomen or boarden in any Ap_ent.
3. No sidewa_ hall, enby, passage or stairway ofthe Apartment building shall be obsbucted by any
tenanu or used by them for any oUler p_se than for in_ess and e_ess to and bom their respective
4. No si_, advemsement or notice shall be inscribed, painted or a_xed on any part ofthe outside ofthe
building_ or inside ofthe building unless mt desi_ated by the Landlord and endoned hereon.
5. Tenants must not allow theú windows to remain open as to adlnit Iaio or snow. For any injuIy caused
to the propery ofthe other tenants, or to the propery ofthe Landlord by such carelessness the Tenent
neglecting this rule will be held responsible. During the winter months all windows must remain closed
ifthe tenant is not present.
6. No additional locks shall be placed upon any door ofthe building witbout the consent ofthe L_ndlord,
which shall be endoned hereon. Any tenaot who locks hMmenelfout ofhismer Apartment will be
ch_rged a lockout fee of&35.OO\
7_ Notbing sball be placed by the Tenant on U_e outside ofthe windowsills or projections.
8. Water shall not be leR runniog in Ule Apartment unless achalIy being wed. No spike, books, Krews,
or stick on pichre bangen shal} be put into be wall or woodwork ofUle building. Sharp objects shall
not be used to chip or remove accumulations ofbost bom reSrigeraton. No laundry washers or dfyers
not owed by the Landlord shall be kep_ used or stored in the Ap_ent.
9. All glass_ locks_ screens_ and _ings in or upon be doon _nd windows of_he Apartment sball be
kept whole, and whenever _ny part Ulereofshall become lost or broken, they sball be iInmediately
replaced or repaired under the dúection and to Ule satisfaction ofthe Landlord or  agenG and such
replacements and repairs sball be paid for by _he tenent ofthe Ap_ment.
lo_ No dog_ ca_ rabbiG bú4 or any oUler aoilnal wbatsoever sha_l be witm or about be Ap_en_
without written authorization by the landlord.
ll. Tbe Tenan_ memben ofhis femily, bis guests, visiton, or servants sball Dot make or permit loud
and improper noise in or near tbe buildiog or do aoytbing tbat Rould reasonab_y annoy, disturb,
or intertere _itb tenaots in otber apartments in tbe building.
12. me Ap_ent shall be leR clean and in good condition at the expúahon ofterrn.
13. No goods_ chattels, rWes, or ober ite_ls tbat migbt overload Ule floor ofUle Ap_ent shall be
brougbt into tbe Ap_ent nor sball ite_ns be Inoved on_ in or over floon, sidewalks, stairways, laws
or ober property oftbe L_ndlord so as b damage same; Te_ants w_ be beld responsible for any
_age caused by beú movement ofite_ls in_ out ofor about _e Ap_ent_
14. Tbe Tenaot shall not place or allow to be placed bicycles, baby carriages or o_er penooal propery in
public areas or 00 sidewalks, neitber sball articles be permitted to remaio outside in sucb areas
overdigbt or wben not in use. penonal propery leR id public _as may be IeInoved and dúposed of
by the Landlord.
15. No stores ofany combwtible or o_ensive g_, provisions or Inaterials sball be kept in Ule
Apartment or in eny storage area or locker _rea by be Teoaot.
16. Hardwood floon mustbe kept cleaq waxed andpolisbed atbe expense ofbe Tenant. Cpts must
be kept clean at U_e expense ofUle Teoant.
17. me Tenant will be held responsible for an* damage to tbe building caused by moving hmihre in or
out ofbe Ap_ent_
18. _be LeAdlord's elecOic stove, reóigerator_ end disbwasber wbere provided must be kept clean and in
good wormg order by be Tenant. me Tenant will be responsible for any daAage to bis equipInent,
reasonable wear and tear is accepted- _undIy facilihes, where provided by be L_ndlor4 shall be
properly used and oot abuse4 by the Te4_t.
19. Tfbe Tenant sball not dishrb or inRrte_e witb any landscaping_ gardeo wom or planting tbat has been
done by the Landlord, except as bereinbefore proÑded. Addihonal plenting may be done by Ule renant
only with the prior written consent ofU_e Bdlord.