Schedu1e ''B''
Rules and Regu_ations

1.  _o ou_ide clotheslines, radio ae_als, or T.V. ante_as shall be erected by a Tenant.
2.  _o t_n_t shall take roomers or bo_de_ _ _y Ap__nt.
3,  No sidewa__ hall, en_, p_sage or s_irway ofthe Apa_ment building sh&ll be ob_cted by any
tenan_ or used by them for any other pqose than for in_ess and e_ess to _d _om their respective
4.  No sign, _dve_isement or notic,e shall be insc_bed, painted or a_ixed on _y p_ ofthe ou_ide ofthe
building, or inside ofthe building unless f_st desi_ated by the Landlord _d endo_ed hereon.
5.  Tenants must not a3law their windows to rem&_ o_en _ to a_it _in or snow. _or any injq caused
to the prope_ of the other tenants, or to the pro__ of the Land_ord by such carelessne_s the Tenant
neglecting this _le will be held responsible. the winter months all windows must remaîn c3osed
if the t&nant is not present,
6.  _o addjtional loc_s shall be placed u_n any door ofthe building without the consent ofthe _ndlord,
which _hall be end0rsed hereon, Any tenant who 3ocks hi_e_elf 0ut of hismer Apa_ment will be
ch_ged a lockout _ee of_35.O0.
1.  Yothîng sh&ll be pl&ced by the Tenant on the outside of the windowsills or pro3ections.
8.  Wa_er shall n0t be le_ running in the Ap_ent unless actua_ly being used. Yo s_jke, hoo_s, screws,
or stick on picture hangers sh&ll be put int0 the wall or woodwork ofthe building. Sh_ ob3ects shall
not _ used to chip or remove accumu1&tîons of _ost _om remgerators. Yo launq w_hers or _ers
not o_ed by the _andlord shall be kept, wed or _tored in t_e Apa_ment.
9.  All glass, loc_s, screens, and t___gs ii3 or upon the doo    n _d windows ofthe Apartment shall be
_ept vvhole, and whenever any pa_ there0f shal_ become lost or b_o_en, they shall be immediately
replaced or repaired under the direction and to _e satisf_ction of the Landlord or his agent, and such
replacements and repa_s sh&ll be paid for by the tenant ofthe Apa_ment.
1 O. Yo dog, cat, _bbit, b__ or _y other an_&l whatsoever shall be within or about _e Ap_ent,
without vm_en authojzation by the 3and_ord.
11. The Tena__ me___rs 0f _i_ f___ly, hî_ _u___, _isito_, or se_ants sh_lI not _ake or per_it loud
8_d im___per noise in or near t_e __j_d___ or do __y___n_ t_at _ould reasona_1y annoy, di_turb,
or i&t_r__re wit_ t_nan& ia o_h_r 8_a____&s j_ the b_____ ___.
 2. The Apa_ent shall _e le_ cle_ _d in good condition at the exp_ation ofte_.
l 3. Yo go0ds, cha_els, fi_es, or other items _at m__t ove_load _e _oor of the Ap_ent shall be
brought into _e Apartment nor shall items be moved on, in or over _oors, sidew_33cs, s__'  ays, la_s
or o&_r p_pe_ ofthe Landlord so _ to d_aæe s_e; Te__ts wilI _ held respo_ible for _y
d_&_e c&u__d by the_ m0vem_nt of items in, out of or &bout the Ap_ent.
l 4. _e Ten_t sha3l not place or allow to be p3&ced bicycles, b&by cam__es or o_er __onal pro__ in
public _e_ or on sidewaM, ne3t-_er _hall __c_e_ be __i_ed to rema_ ou_jde _ such areæ
ove_i_t or when not _ we. Pe_onaI pro__ leR in pub_ic _eas may be _moved _d dis_sed of
by the _andl_rd.
1 5. Yo stores of any combustible or o_ensive goods, provisio_ o_ mate_als shal_ be _ept in the
Ap_ent or _ any storage _ea 0r 3oc_er area by the _en_t.
16, H_dwood ___ must be kept clean, w_ed _d polished at _e expense ofthe Ten_t. C _ts must
be ke_t clean at the expense of _e Ten_t.
1 1. _e Ten_t will be held respons3ble for any damage to the build_g cawed by mo__g _i_e _ or
out of the Apa_ent.
l 8. _e _dlo_d's elec_c st0ve, re_ge_tor, and dishwas_er where _rovided mwt be _ept cle_ _d _
good wor_i_g order by th_ Tenant. _e Ten_t will be respo__ble for _y d_m___ to this e__i pment,
re_onable we_ _nd te_ is accept_d. _aunq facìlities, where provided by the Landlord, shall be
pro_erly wed _d not &bu_ed, by the Ten_t.
l 9. _e Te__t shall not di___b or int__ere w_th any landscap_g, g_den wor1c or pl_t_' g that h_ been
done by the L_dl0rd, e_cept _ __r_3nbefo_e provided. Additional planting may be done by the Ten_t
only with the p_or vm_en con_ent of the Landlord .