Schedule "B"

Rules and Regulations

l. No outside c_otheslines, radio aerials, or T.V. aQteMas sh8ll be erected by a Tenant.
2. No tenant shall take roomers orboarden in any Ap_ent.
3. No sidewal_ hall, enhy, passage or staýway ofthe Apartment building shatl be obrtructed by any
tenants or used by them for any other pupose dlan for in_ess and e_ess to and bom theý respective
4. No si_, advertisement or notice shall be inscribed, painted or a_xed on any part ofthe outside ofthe
building, or inside ofthe building unless mt desi_ated by the Landlord _nd endoned hereon.
5. Tenants must not allow their windows to remain open as to admitfaiQ or snow. For any injuIy caused
to the propery ofthe other tenants, or to the property ofthe Landlord by such carelessness the Tenent
neglecting this rule will be held responsible. D_g the winter months all windows must remain closed
ifthe tenant is not present.
ó. No additional locks shall be placed upon any door ofthe building without the consent ofthe Landlord,
which shall be endoned hereon. Any tenant who locks himmenelfout ofhismer Apartment will be
charged a lockout fee of&35.OO.
7. Nothing sball be placed by the Tenant on Ule outside ofthe windowsills or projections.
8. Water shall not be leR running in the Apartment unless achally being used_ No spike, hooks, screws,
or stick on pichre bangers shall be put into the wall or woodwork ofthe building. Shap objects shall
not be used to chip or remove accumulations ofbost bom rebigeraton. No laundry washers or dryers
not owed by the Landlord shall be kept, used or stored in the Apartment.
9. All glass, locks, screens, and nmQlings in or upon the doon and windows ofthe Apartment shall be
kept whole, and whenever any part U_ereof shall become lost or broken, they sball be immediately
replaced or repaired under the direction and to the satisfaction ofthe Landlord or his agent, and such
replacements aQd repaÑ sball be paid for by the tengnt ofthe ApaWent.
lo_ No dog, caG rabbit_ bù4 or any ofher aniInal wbatsoever shall be within or about Vbe Ap_ent,
withaut written authorization by the landlord.
11. Tbe TenanG memben ofhis fat_ily, bis guests, visiton, or servants sball not _lake or per_lit loud
and improper noise i_ or _ear tbe building or do anytbing tbat would reasonably annoy, disturb,
or interfere witb tenants in otber apartmeots in tbe buildiog.
12. me Ap_ent shall be leR clean and in good condition at the expiration ofterrn.
13. No goods, chaWels, fixtwes, or other iteM that migbt overload Ule floor ofUle Ap_ent shall be
brougbt into tbe Apartment nor sball itetns be _noved on, in or over floon, sidewalks, stairways, laws
or ober property ofthe Landlord so as to daInage same; Te_ants wilI be beld responsible for _ny
damage caused by theú movement ofitems in, out ofor about U_e Aparrment_
14. me Tenaot shall not place or allow to be placed bicycles, baby canriages or oU_er penonal property in
public a_eas or on sidewalks, neither shall articles be permitted to re_lai4 outside in such areas
ovecnight or wben not in use. penonal propery leR in public areas _lay be IeAoved and disposed of
by the Landlord.
15. No stores ofany combustible or o_ensive g_, provisions or materials shall be kept in the
Apartment or in anS storage area or }ocker _rea by tbe TenaQt.
16_ Hardwood floon must be kept cle_n_ waxed and polisbed at be expense ofthe Tenant- C_ts mwt
be kept clean at the expense ofU_e Tenant.
17. me Tenant will be held responsible for anS damage to the building caused bs moving hmiture in or
out ofthe Ap_ent.
18. me Bdlord's elecOic stove_ rebigerator, and dishwasber wbere provided must be kept clean and in
good working order by the Tenant. me Tenant will be responsible for any damage to this equipment,
reasonable wear and tear is accepted_ Laundry facilities, where provided by tbe Landlor4 shall be
properly wed and not abuse4 by the Ten_t.
19_ me Tenant shall not disturb or intertere with any landscaping, garden wom or planting that has been
done by the Landlord, except as bereinbefore proÑded. Additional plenting may be done by U_e renant
only with the prior written consent ofU_e Landlord.