The Year Man

Couldn't tell a good man from a bad man
my fingers reaching out into the dark
stretching out into a world abound
and caving into my heart

Riding on the tide into creation
counting my memories in vain
forming sighs that never will be heard
the answers are all the same

Now hear me true hear the better word
the wings have been cast fly away
on the sound that the year man found
and tossed it right away

Pull the trigger staple all your memories
cast your shadows know where they might fall
have your lucky moments in the vastness
and bring them home upon the shadow's call

Cradle in the sand catch the falling stars
never pay for any of the old forgotten lies
men have fallen we are not
the innocent protectors of the skies

Come to think I'm better than the dead man
come to think he's dead and I'm his unexpected friend
nowhere near the open grave
but immanently under his command

Peter Selinger, March 1996

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