The Quipper System

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Test the Class Number algorithm, and its components, using classical computation


Sample data

Some fairly arbitrarily chosen sample elements of various types, for convenience in testing functions.


sample_matrix :: CLMatrix Integer Source #

A sample square matrix

sample_matrix_2 :: CLMatrix Integer Source #

A sample non-square matrix

sample_matrix_3 :: CLMatrix Integer Source #

Another sample non-square matrix

Ideals and related types

Testing routines

Smith reduction

test_SNF :: IO () Source #

Test the Smith Normal Form code.

Class group functions

period_of_ideals :: (IdDist -> IdDist) -> IdDist -> (CLReal, [IdDist]) Source #

Classical period finding (just compare the "next" ideal to O and see if it is the same). Takes in the O ideal with appropriate Δ, and returns the circle length (sum δ(I)) and the list of ideals in the first iteration.

show_period_for_bigD :: CLIntP -> String Source #

Show period string for a given Δ.

show_period_for_many_bigDs :: Int -> IO () Source #

Show the period for the first n valid Δ's.

show_period_for_some_bigD :: CLIntP -> IO () Source #

Show period string and the list of ideals for a given Δ.

show_bigDs :: Int -> IO () Source #

Show a list of valid Δ's.

first_few :: IO () Source #

Explicitly compute first few ideals for some Δ.

op_all_ideals :: (IdDist -> IdDist -> IdDist) -> String -> CLIntP -> IO () Source #

Perform an operation on all ideal pairs that are generated by Δ.

dot_all_ideals :: CLIntP -> IO () Source #

The the product of all pairs of ideals for a given Δ.

star_all_ideals :: CLIntP -> IO () Source #

Take the star product of all pairs of ideals for a given Δ.

test_bounded_while :: (Show int, Integral int) => int -> int -> IO () Source #

Test the bounded_while functionality.

main :: IO () Source #

Run classical tests for Class Number algorithm.

test_primes :: IO () Source #

Test the primes code.