Student Advising Services
Student Advising Services assists students in the discovery and development of their academic and career goals through advising.

Finding Courses

We can help you find the courses and the course of study that suit your needs. And if you have a particular career in mind, we can help you discover the program that will best provide you with the education you need to attain that career.
See Course Offering for Undergraduate Student and Graduate Student.

Choosing Program

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers seven programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. Special Certificates are also awarded to students who complete a certain set of mathematics and statistics courses as part of a 20-credit degree program.

Career Planning Resources

There are four main career paths in Mathematics:
Applied and Computational Mathematics (for careers in science, government and industry)
Pure Mathematics (for careers at academic institutions)
Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (for careers in the insurance, business and financial sectors)
Mathematics Education (for careers in teaching at the secondary school level)

Fields that Employ Statisticians:
Agriculture || Astronomy || Biology || Chemistry || Computer Science || Demography || Ecology || Economics || Education || Engineering || Epidemiology || Finance || Forestry || Genetics ||
Health Science || Insurance || Law || Manufacturing || Marketing || Medicine || Pharmacology || Physics || Political Science || Psychology || Public Health || Safety || Sociology || Sports || Telecommunications || Zoology

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Contact Student Advising Service

Please arrange an appointment via e-mail with the appropriate advisor (below):

Undergraduate Students

Chair:   Bruce Smith,
Mathematics Director: Richard Wood,
Statistics Director: Hong Gu,
Honours Mathematics Coordinator:  David Iron,
Honours and Co-op Statistics Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor:  Mike Dowd,
Co-op Mathematics Coordinator: Robert Milson,
Math/Stats Learning Centre:  Pierre Stevens,

Graduate Students

Math Graduate Coordinator: Sara Faridi,
Stats Graduate Coordinator: Ed Susko,
Administrator: Paula Flemming,

Additional Academic Advising

Academic advisors at Student Services can give you general academic advice about defining your educational goals, choosing your major/minor, changing faculties, and help you with academic difficulties.

Student Services Office, Room G28, Main Level, Killam Library
Telephone: 494-3077, E-Mail: Website:

The Registrar's Office provides information and advice on admissions, selection of programs, grade reports and transcripts, letters of permission, academic regulations and appeals, scholarships, bursaries, temporary loans and eligibility for government student financial assistance programs. They may refer you as appropriate to a facility advisor in a department of specific interest.

Registrar's Office, Room 133, Arts and Administration Building
Telephone: 494-2450, Website:

Career Counselling and Career Information Centre

At Counselling Services, students exploring their academic and career interests will find individual career counselling and group programs on Choosing a Major, What to Do with a Degree in..., Interest Testing, Career Decision Making, Résumé Writing, Interview Skills, the Hidden Job Market and the Summer Job Search. The Frank G. Lawson Career Information Centre is arranged for easy self-service access to resource materials including the Internet. However, one of their Career Information Assistants will be happy to help you find the information that you need.
Counseling Services, Room 409, Student Union Building, Telephone: 494-2081

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