Chase Computing Policy

This document establishes guidelines for users of the computing environment in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The following rules apply to all computer users in the Chase building:

1. Computer equipment allocated by the department is to be used for academic and research purposes only.

2. Any attempt to extend the public computer network using hubs, switches, wireless access points, routers etc is prohibited. If one is discovered, any fines imposed by our internet service provider (University Computing and Information Services) will be paid by the computer user.

3. Installation or usage of unlicensed copyrighted software is prohibited. If instances of software piracy are discovered by concerned authorities, the computer user will be responsible for any financial and legal implications that arise from the software piracy.

4. Actions that violate copyright laws, including downloading, sharing and storage of music, video, documents etc., are prohibited. Financial and legal impacts of the violations are the responsibility of the computer user.

5. Users shall not engage in disruptive activities which cause computer and network problems for other users. This includes, but is not limited to, running software that generates excessive network traffic, like peer to peer file sharing software, as well as illegal activities that affect other computers or servers, like attempted break-ins (e.g., activities that violate Canadian civil or criminal laws).

6. The privacy of other users must be respected. In particular, a user may not access another user's files without authorization, even in cases where such access is made accidentally possible.

7. In addition to following the above guidelines, users must follow all applicable university policies, including the responsible computing guidelines approved by Dalhousie's senate. For more information, please read Dalhousie's Acceptable Use Policy.

The above guidelines are expected to evolve or change to meet new requirements as they arise.






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